Insta Life Review

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What is Insta Life

it claims to bean acupressure system that is designed to remove any discomfort or pain that may occur in the lower back. It targets the sciatic nerve from the center of the calf muscle where it isto be wrapped.


Instalife Review

Very uncomfortable – Emma who used Instalife complained in her review that one size fits all theory just doesn’t work here. You simply cannot wear it under trousers because there are noticeable bulges. She had bought it because she thought it will help alleviate pain as it claims but that’s not the case at all. The pain returns before you know it and since it leads to a lot of discomfort, she found it to be completely useless. Now she has stopped using it completely and is disappointed by the false marketing that made her buy it in the first place.

Not consistent with the results – Lauren who reviewed Insta-life revealed that there were days when she would feel that it was actually working and there would be relief from pain. But then on other days the pain would be back and she would find it to be of no use at all. She was also caused discomfort by the material used in its making. She believes that it could have been designed better as it leads to pain in the knee. Moreover it would cause itching, which is just not what she had expected. She was willing to give it some time in the hope that it would work consistently, but it doesn’t.

Not the solution for pain relief – Akira who bought Insta-life exposed in her review that it just doesn’t seem like the makers were serious about alleviating pain when they made this product. She agrees that although acupressure can help, this product simply focuses on pain in the lower back. And even then it doesn’t show the results you would expect. It is also not very convenient to use and though you are sold the pads in a pair, you can only use one at a time.

Just doesn’t work – Petra who used Insta-life complained in her review that she has been wearing the pad for a while now but has seen no difference in the level of pain she experienced. She wishes that she had returned the pads within 14 days so that she would have gotten complete refund for it.


Insta-life Claims to reduce Lower-back pain

Insta Life assures to be the solution for everyone who suffers from lower back pain problems. At this point of time there are no Insta Life reviews available which verify its claim. Insta Life states to help individuals who have to constrain their lifestyle as a result of a stressed lower back. But we need to wait for Insta Life reviews by users to be sure of its effectiveness. Insta Life asserts to be highly productive as it is unlike any gel, spray or tube. It is a system which directly targets the underlying issue of a lower back pain. This comparison between Insta Life and other solutions will be validated only once users review Insta Life.


Claims to target the root cause

Insta Life claims to be very powerful in eliminating the lower back pain that can hamper daily functionality altogether. But this claim by Insta Life can be only substantiated once it is reviewed by users. Insta Life promises to target the actual cause of lower back pain – the “sciatic nerve” which runs from the back and extends all the way to down to the lower legs. Insta Life proclaims to intercept this nerve which passes the pain and provides an acupressure which soothes it out. Can Insta Life really function so well? Insta Life reviews will expose the truth. Insta Life emphasizes to be a great because it is a belt which is of 3cm cushioned pad that activates immediate relief by providing acupressure at the center of the calf. We should wait for Insta Life reviews to believe upon any claim it makes. Insta Life convinces to be effective as the same spot on sciatic nerve is used by physiotherapists to relieve lower back pain. Although at this point of time there are no Insta Life reviews available to back its claim.

Insta-life features

Insta Life assures to be highly effective and at the same time very comfortable as it does not affect the skin. Insta Life reviews are still yet to come to support such a promise. Insta Life guarantees that one can find relief quickly and start performing exercises, day to day chores and even start to live an active healthy lifestyle. Can Insta Life really help in removing lower back pain completely? Insta Life reviews will reveal the facts soon. Insta Life promises to be effective but at the same time does not have the negative points of other solutions. It does not smell like gels and lotions that just temporarily reduce the pain. Insta Life also asserts to be invisible under clothing so one can simply wear it at work or outside and even while sleeping. Did Insta Life help relieve lower-back pain? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?

You Get 2 units of Insta Life for the price of Only £29.99 plus £4.98 shipping.Official website

16 Comments on "Insta Life Review"

  1. good product

  2. when you suffer so much it is not like you care about wearing it over or under pants, if it’s visible or not, if it’s fashionable, comfortable or not. if it makes your life easier and your leg lighter cuz it feels lighter really who cares in the end

  3. to be honest i have to admit that instalife is the only thing which actually give me some relief from pain. i was a show jumper in italy, got hernia and sciatica. at least now, when i wear it, i can rest a bit during the night…

  4. Emile Tabiar | May 31, 2017 at 5:24 am | Reply

    30 minutes use of heat pads during evenings (i.e. 3 consecutive nights) will best soothe and relieve lower back pains.

    Some may prefer placing salompas pads on sore areas during the day.

  5. I was just about to order a pair of these when I decided to research it better. Your site was a little hard to get to but appears to have saved me time and money. I was desperate to relieve my back and leg pain which have now left me Almist completely immobile. My feet are on fire. With a little luck I’ll be receiving nerve block and kill in the next couple weeks. Thanks for setting the record straight. The advertisement really had me convinced that it was a product that provided hope more than anything else.

    • I purchased a insta life £15 on amazon prime, I must say I was very sceptical, but had to give it a go for that price and all the very good reviews, also coming with a 30 day money refund, 1st day I wear it for 2 hours, like it says to do, no effect at All, next day, well it was unbelieavable the relief i got, i dont want to take it of now to shower, just incase i cant find right spot at back of calf, i would like to know wby you cant wear one on each leg at same time though? as i have lumbar stenosis runing i to both legs buy brilliant

  6. I have tried Insta Life Knee for Sciatica. Nothing has ever really given any relief in the medical. Now I find this knee Insta Life has given me relief and I can even go odd days without it, also I wear it at night when the pain is bad and it helps then.

  7. Jokkepappa | May 3, 2016 at 3:19 am | Reply

    Damn…. how stupid people can be…? Maybe one of the crappiest ja biggest lie, i have ever seen. Why there is all the baddest and most low payed actrest in this tvshop format, that trying to get people buy these products. There is reason why normal shops doesn’t sell any of these 😀 sorry for bad english…

  8. I’m fortunate it did work for me. I have tried every type of treatment out there and could not get rid of the sciatic pain down the left leg. Insta pad has worked for that. However you do have to wear it tight when I put on with slight tension it was still there once pulled slightly uncomfortably tight it worked. The instructions say you don’t have to have tight I disagree you do.

  9. Insta life does not help, Bio Skin (racomanded by my fisition) does the best way, especially for knee injury & back pain.

  10. I am sorry to have to agree that Insta-life has not worked for me so far. I am sorry I believed the advertisement.

  11. Just had it on for an hour and it has not helped my really bad sciatica in the least !! My pain as bad as ever

  12. Just received my Insta-life. Wearing it now, my calves still hurts my foot still numb and that damn pain in my thigh and back of knee is excruciating. So far it dont work.

  13. Well duuuh… :-/

  14. Denise Howkins | August 14, 2015 at 5:16 am | Reply

    Waste of time and money! Does not help in the least!

  15. Denise Howkins | August 13, 2015 at 1:33 pm | Reply

    I received the insta life belt this morning and fitted it on immediately. I have worn it for 3 hours. I am very sorry to have to report that it made no difference at all to my excruciating chronic back ache. I will try again later today and the next few days. If there should be an improvement I will report back again, if not I shall return it as the advert said I could return within 14 days for full reimbursement if not satisfied. Watch this space!

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