Ideal Conceal REVIEW

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What is it?

Ideal Conceal is a transfer and water-resistant instant body concealer that alleges to perfectly conceal age spots, cellulite, veins, scars, stretch marks, uneven skin, tattoos, crepey skin, and tan lines.

Ideal Conceal

How does it work?

Ideal Conceal promises to be easy to use! Shake bottle before using and then massage it on your arms, hands, legs, feet, or chest with your fingers or a sponge. Allow it to fully dry for 1 to 5 minutes for perfectly beautiful results. This claim of Ideal Conceal will be attested only once users review Ideal Conceal. If you want added coverage, wait 60 seconds and reapply to the entire targeted area. Thoroughly blot covered areas with paper towel to remove residue until nothing is visible on the towel.

Ideal Conceal emphasizes that its secret lies in the illuminating lightweight transfer and waterproof formulation that conceals imperfection giving you a youthful, beautiful and healthy glow. Does Ideal Conceal really work as promised? Send us your Ideal Conceal review.


Ideal Conceal claims to be age defying, water proof, transfer proof, sweat proof, instant color, illuminating, lightweight and odorless. Sounds too fanciful, Ideal Conceal reviews will expose it soon.


Ideal Conceal is available in two shades to suit all skin types: Light/Medium – Natural or Medium/Dark – Bronze.

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