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What is Cop Cam?

It is an ultra-sophisticated wireless security camera smaller than 1-square inch that can record even the smallest movement it detects.

Cop cam

Top-Quality Audio and Video Recording

The makers of Cop Cam present it as an exceptional micro-sized security camera that isn’t even 1-square inch in size and yet the ultimate in recording audio and videos in high-definition. This compact loop-capturing wireless camera guarantees unparalleled security while recording. It’s so small that it can be easily hidden anywhere and yet able to capture the sharpest HD videos along with crystal clear audio that its powerful microphone can record.

Highly Advanced Features and Benefits

 Cop Cam comes with high-tech motion sensor records whatever you need vividly and very surreptitiously. Its motion sensor signals the camera to start recording the moment there’s a movement so you can be sure of capturing anything happening around. Its loop records feature guarantees consistent video recording all 24 hours without a pause. All the recordings made by Cop Cam can be viewed easily and its videos can be uploaded on the computer and shared within moments. Compared to traditional cameras, Cop Cam can capture and record double the space and area even though it is smaller and easy to conceal, which gives users an edge.

1 Comment on "Cop Cam REVIEW"

  1. J Roger Boudreau / edmonton alb . cdn. | March 8, 2019 at 8:00 pm | Reply

    dose not work as advertised shuts off completely after 1 hr even with full charge. unless continually plugged in. yet video and audio are good. only real complaint is battery life. not all units work we have had 3 change overs still only 1 of the 3 actually work. still have 2 units to return./exchange again. buyer beware.

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