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What is HD Free TV

As per the TV infomercial it is an antenna that receives over the air HD signals from major channels that comprise of sports, movies, news, music, comedies and more. HD Free TV proclaims to be a great solution for receiving high definition channels over the air for free.




Free TV channels
HD Free TV states to take advantage of the government mandate that makes every channel broadcast digital signals over the air. HD Free TV assures to capture these channels clearly and provide free reception without paying monthly fees. Such farfetched claims made by HD Free TV will be only proved once users review it.


Compact design
HD Free TV alleges to have a discreet and compact design that can be installed easily. All one needs to do is attach HD Free TV to any flat surface such as a window, wall or a door, plug it into the TV’s AUX/IN and scan for channels. HD Free TV promises to be so thin and low profile that it can simply hide behind a curtain, artwork or furniture easily. There are no HD Free TV reviews available currently to analyze its claims.


Several benefits
HD Free TV proclaims to have the capacity to be multi-directional to get clearer picture. It receives channels a full HD 1080p quality at home or can be even carried to outdoors and tailgating parties. Did you use HD Free TV to receive free channels for lifetime? Send us your experiences and reviews.


HD Free TV Antenna Review

HD Free TV Antenna reviews say that the HD Free TV Antenna Was able to receive a few channels depending on placement, but it soon became apparent that this was not a long term solution. Perhaps this would work better for someone closer to transmission towers, but being about 40 miles out, it only picked up 2 channels, both with the antenna in different positions. Quality is pretty good, power cord for amplification is very short and this feature seemed to have no effect on signal reception.

You can only get a couple of channels with the HD Free TV Antenna. The USB didn’t work, got a couple stations but they are always freezing.

Couldn’t get any channels with the HD Free TV Antenna.

HD Free TV Antenna is junk! Tried it on 3 different TV’s and it only picked up 0-5 channels, compared to another antenna that picked up 28 channels. Put a bent paper clip in the antenna port on the TV and it actually picked up more channels with it than the HD Free TV Antenna.

HD Free TV Antenna stuck to the window and won’t come off. HD Free TV Antenna only picks up a few stations well.

HD Free TV Antenna simply does not work at all. It picks up absolutely no channels. The DTV reception website stated that you need a 10 mile reception to get perfect signal and as this is a 45 mile antenna but the TV says signal is too weak. HD Free TV Antenna is too weak. It is a waste of time and money. Literally tin foil will work better than the HD Free TV Antenna.

HD Free TV Antenna is very cheap construction, came with broken power cable and bad LED power indicator. Got only one channel when installed.

HD Free TV Antenna is horrible. It comes with a power supply that when plugged does not find a channel and when unplugged it finds some channels but omitted many.

HD Free TV Antenna works for a couple channels but otherwise not really that great of signal.

Tried the HD Free TV Antenna several times on different TVs and found zero channels.

The coaxial connector does not connect to the TV.

Got a couple of channels, maybe one or two of the big three but not clear enough. Moved it from one TV to another, tried three TV’s and placing the antenna in different locations to see improvement and not much changed.

HD Free TV Antenna is very dependent on location! Live in the middle of town and have an interior courtyard apartment but get virtually no reception! Moved it to a neighbor who faces exterior and it’s pretty good.

The few channels the HD Free TV Antenna picked up were clear, but the major networks did not come in at all, even with the amplifier in a window with a clear view.

HD Free TV Antenna has very poor reception. Main problem is power supply for the amplifier is a USB connector. If you do not have a USB connection on your TV, or a USB to outlet adapter you cannot provide power to the amplifier, which defeats the purpose of using this antenna. The RCA amplified antenna uses a regular outlet plug to provide the power.

HD Free TV Antenna gets good signal on clear day. When it rains, some channels get no signal.


HD Free TV Antenna Questions and Answers

Q. Do you get the main 2-13 channels like FOX, ABC, and NBC with the HD Free TV Antenna?
A. It all depends on your location, how far the station antenna is from your home and just what channels are available in your area. Sometimes you have to move it around to find a proper space.

Q. Do you get Telemundo and Univision channels?
A. Do not receive Telemundo or Univision.

Q. Do I need a USB wall charger to use the HD Free TV Antenna?
A. No you don’t. Just plug the HD Free TV Antenna in to your TV’s antenna port.

Q. Why can’t I get the HD Free TV Antenna to work?
A. You connect it and go to your TV and manually have to scan for channels and at the same time move the antenna where it gets better reception.

Q. Can you use the HD Free TV Antenna with satellite TV? If so, is it difficult to set up?
A. No. This is only for local broadcast stations.

Q. Can I place the HD Free TV Antenna behind the TV or a painting?
A. You can place your antenna in your preferred location. You can place it higher upon a wall, lay it flat on a table, or place it high on a window (strongly recommended).

Q. Does the HD Free TV Antenna pick up VHF channels (7-13)?
A. No, it doesn’t pick up any channels.

Q. What fox channel can I find from the HD Free TV Antenna?
A. It all depends on your location, how far the station antenna is from your home and just what channels are available in your area. Try www.antennaweb.org to check your location.

Q. Is this UHF as well as VHF?
A. No idea what that is.

Q. Do I need a receiver/tuner?
A. No.

Q. How many televisions can I hook up to the HD Free TV Antenna?
A. Only one.

Q. Does the HD Free TV Antenna work with older TV’s?
A. HD Free TV Antenna is a digital antenna so if your TV is analog, it probably wouldn’t work.

Q. Can the HD Free TV Antenna be used for an FM antenna?
A. Can’t comment but maybe it can be.


What do I get?
HD Free TV antenna for only $10.00 plus $5.99 processing and handling. you’ll get a second HD Free TV antenna , just pay separate $5.99 processing and handling. Official Website: HDFreeTV.com

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    Scam does nt work although my 24 yr old latina blonde gets her espanol channels her in the hood of Brooklyn NY no jewish channels for this olld guy

    dont buy

    chaim greenberg chaim7@verizon.net

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