Neater Bag Dispenser REVIEW

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What is Neater Bag Dispenser

As per the infomercial it is a tissue box style pet waste bag holder that attaches easily to a leash, purse or a bag. Neater Bag Dispenser states to be a smart way to keep pet waste bags handy. It comes in a tissue style boxes and a patent pending design that attaches to any leash, bag or purse.


Neater Bag Dispenser CLAIMS

Pet waste bag dispenser
Neater Bag Dispenser assures that it is easy to use and helps in retrieving bags with one hand instead of tearing or ripping the seam. Does Neater Bag Dispenser really offer such ease? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Easy to use
Neater Bag Dispenser guarantees to go around and attach even to a retractable leash with ease. Simple thread the leash and cinch it tight for easy access. Neater Bag Dispenser promises not to interfere with the hold on leash and stays secure without swinging even while walking or running the pet. Neater Bag Dispenser further adds that the tissue style boxes make it easy to refill too. Neater Bag Dispenser does sound highly impressive; user reviews will expose the truth soon.


Convenient bags
Neater Bag Dispenser emphasizes to be not just easy to carry but also convenient to use. The bags that come with it have a large size of 9” x 13” for easy waste collection. Neater Bag Dispenser maintains to have durable, leak proof and fresh scented bags for peace of mind. Currently there are no Neater Bag Dispenser reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


Neater Bag Dispenser Review

Neater Bag Dispenser user reviews assert that the bags in the Neater Bag Dispenser get stuck in the holder, get twisted and won’t come out easily. You will have to unzipping the holder to get the bags out.

The zipper threads on the inside of the bag make it feel like it won’t last too long. Neater Bag Dispenser is not the perfect holder!

When there’s a full roll of bags in the Neater Bag Dispenser they dispense easily, but when the roll gets down to about half the bags it jams up and you have to struggle to get it to work. When you get down to the last two or three bags you have to unzip it to pull the bags out which defeats the whole purpose of the holder!

Keep in mind that the attachment closures are made of Velcro. This caused the leash to become unusable as it kept getting caught in the fabric of the leash end. So now have to purchase a new leash and a new style leash bag as well. Neater Bag Dispenser is a disappointed.

Neater Bag Dispenser is nice because it doesn’t swing around when we’re running, unlike other bag holders, but it still needs work. There either needs to be a way to lock the zipper or use a different fastener all together. When my dog and I go running, the zipper has a way of working itself open.

Really liked the Neater Bag Dispenserat first, but then the Velcro straps that attaches the holder to the leash started to break.

The zipper has to be positioned towards the top of the leash, twice the zipper opened up on its own and the bags spilled out.

Within a couple of months one of the Velcro end ripped. Neater Bag Dispenser is easy to load and get bags out of.
Neater Bag Dispenser started to form holes after a few weeks of use. It is still usable but the number of holes continues to grow. Also, it does not come with a clip so it shifts along the 1 inch wide leash which is a little annoying.

Neater Bag Dispenser was great for the first couple months. After a lot of use the hole the bags pull through has ripped and is falling off. Neater Bag Dispenser should have lasted longer considering the price.

Neater Bag Dispenser is nice but the bags are difficult to pull through, or the new bag rips off and does not get pulled through the hole. You may have to unzip the holder most of the time to take out the bag.

Neater Bag Dispenser works well with pick up bags that have a card board core but not so well with pick up bags that have no card board core.

Neater Bag Dispenser could be a top product if the zipper locked in place so that it didn’t slide open when not intended and if the hole for pulling out bags was larger. The small hole is too finicky to work well consistently.

The Velcro leash attachments work fine and the bag material is durable. But the Neater Bag Dispenser could be very good instead of mediocre in a crowded field of mediocre products.

In design, the Neater Bag Dispenser is an amazing product. It is light, convenient and stays in place on your leash. It even works great for the first 2/3 of every roll you put in it. Sadly, the last third or the roll requires you to remove the roll from the dispenser to get your last 5 bags.


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