GoGo Stick Review

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What is the GoGo Stick?

The GoGo Stick claims to be the solution to your messy doggie poop problems. The GoGo Stick is a clean and sanitary way of cleaning up after your dog without having to worry about using your hands to pick up doggie bags or try to scrub the poop off your shoes. The GoGo Stick claims to be the next gen Super Scoop that can simplify pet waste cleanup.



How does the GoGo Stick work?

The GoGo Stick claims to be a very convenient tool for cleaning up after your pet. With a strong grip handle and an enviable ease of use technique, the GoGo Stick seems to be a reasonably good solution to your cleaning up problems. The GoGo Stick has a dual edge super scooper making it suitable for any surface be it grass or concrete. The GoGo Stick can be used with any type of bags that you have lying around at home.

Its simplicity of use is what makes it more attractive as compared to the other devices currently in the market. All you have to do is insert any bag through the head of the GoGo Stick, wrap the front edge over the top and tuck it under and pull the handles through. Next you need to poke it into the bottom gripper. Yes, it is as easy as that. All you need to do is pull and poke. The next step is to use the GoGo Stick to clean up after your dog. Use it on grass, use it on snow or use it on hard concrete. The GoGo Stick has a rounded blade for uneven surfacesand a straight plate for smooth surfaces. With the GoGo Stick there is no more bending, no more holding your breath while handling the doggie bag with your hands. The GoGo Stick is light weight and you can now carry it along with you on your daily walks. The GoGo Stick is a fast and easy way to simplify pet waste cleanup.

With no reviews yet, the GoGo Stick may or may not be all that it claims to be. The GoGo Stick also claims that its design is patented. With no breakable parts or any metallic parts, there is no chance of any damage through rusting or losing parts or broken parts even. Sounds like the perfect solution you’ve been looking for all this time? Go ahead and order the GoGo Stick for yourself and write in a review to let others know about how satisfied you are with the product.


What do I get?

You get One GoGo Stik with 10 bags for only $24.95 + $7.95 P&H.Official website buygogostik.com

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