Eggtastic Review

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What is Eggtastic

It is a microwave egg cooker. As per the TV commercial it is a great egg cooker that make delicious and mess free scrambled eggs. It is non-sticky and hence does not need any butter or oil to cook making it a much healthy option.


Eggtastic REVIEW

Eggtastic is a unique product, we haven’t had a “ceramic microwave egg cooker” in the “as seen on tv” category. There is a stone wave cooker which is very much similar to Eggtastic. We investigated this product and found that Eggtastic microwave cooker is an “OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE”, there is a product “Joie Microwave Omelet in a Pot” available at The Joie Microwave Omelet in a Pot is strikingly similar to Eggtastic and this makes us conclude that Eggtastic is renamed egg cooker. The Joie has 4.5 starts out of 5 at and there about 53 reviews for the microwave egg cooker.


Disadvantages of Eggtastic

Nothing Fantastic – Kelly Gilmore who used the Eggtastic cooker complains in her review that the cover of Eggtastic gets very hot to touch and it is not possible to remove the lid without mitts. She further states that there is nothing special about the Eggtastic and it cooks the same as the soup bowl.

Top Pops – Lauren Hill complains in her Eggtastic review that the microwave cooker works fine for a few times. Later the top pops of in the microwave.

Cleaning Eggtastic is NOT EASY – Casey Wheeler who used the Eggtastic cooker complains in her review that it is very hard to clean. The egg sticks to the cooker no matter what. She further mentions in her review that the egg cooked in the Eggtastic microwave cooker tastes rubbery.

You don’t need it – Lucy calls the Eggtastic just another as seen on tv gadget toy, she claims there is very little value in this Eggtastic cooker and you can cook better omelet without it. You can cook the same egg in a microwave safe ceramic or glass bowl or cup. Just put a little bit of butter to the bowl/cup, add 2 eggs and whatever else you want, beat the eggs with fork for some time and cover it with paper napkin and microwave it for a couple of minutes or more (depending on the power of the microwave). She further instructs to not to microwave the eggs for a longer period as it may turn the omelet rubbery.

Gets HOT – J Phipps who used the microwave cooker states in her Eggtastic review that the top of the ceramic cooker keeps falling off in the microwave and that she does not even need the top. She too like Kelly warns that the Eggtastic cooker gets very hot and is difficult to remove it from the microwave as the top keeps falling. Though Phipps confesses she likes the Eggtastic cooker.

Egg tastes funny – Seth says the omelets made in Eggtastic taste funny and he prefers omelets made on stove-top. Seth in his Eggtastic review warns users about the size of the microwave cooker. It can just hold 2 eggs. Also he instructs to clean the Eggtastic cooker immediately after using it.

Rubbery Eggies – Roy points out in his Eggtastic review that the eggies are rubbery at the top and runny at the bottom. He reveals the lid is difficult to clean and you may need a toothbrush to clean it, also the little knob on the lid is hollow and is not possible to clean inside it. He also points out that the lid has a rubber/silicone gasket that you don’t want to come in contact with your food.


Should you buy Eggtastic – Eggtastic is not a bad product but the question is do you really need it? there is nothing that you cannot do without it. Off-course it can come in handy to make scrambled eggs when you are at work or at dorm. It is a good buy if you could buy it cheap under $10. We suggest NOT to buy the Eggtastic from the official website where it costs $20 which is high price for such a small product. We suggest you buy the original Joie Microwave Omelet in a Pot at for $15, if you have to.


Perfect Scrambled Eggs cooker

Eggtastic claims to be the most unique egg cooker which is designed specially to cook healthy scrambled eggs but there are no user reviews for Eggtastic currently that supports its claim. Eggtastic states to be much efficient and better over other traditional methods of cooking which includes dirty mixing bowls, frying pans, beaters, mixers and spatulas. But can Eggtastic be better than the traditional ways of cooking? Its user reviews will soon reveal the facts. Eggtastic alleges to be very easy to use and quick at cooking too. We will have to wait for Eggtastic reviews to agree upon it.


Easy to cook approach

Eggtastic emphasizes that it takes very less time to cook and can simply do the whole scrambling a single minute. In fact, Eggtastic states to function in three easy steps, although the ease in the process will be validated once users review Eggtastic. The first step is to use Eggtastic for cracking the egg into it. The next step is to mix the egg using a simple fork or a beater. Eggtastic maintains to be unique with the option of adding custom ingredients at this stage. One can add bacon, mushrooms, onions and more with the egg. The last step is to cover Eggtastic and place it inside a microwave for one minute. Eggtastic guarantees to come with a mouth-watering scramble. Is using Eggtastic really this easy? Only Eggtastic reviews by users will validate it.

Unique Design

Eggtastic declares to be made from ceramic material which is non-sticky but no users have reviewed its design yet. Eggtastic promises of being non-sticky and being a healthier option over other methods which need oil and butter but there is no evidence to it due to lack of user reviews. Eggtastic states to make cleaning easy as it can be simply placed inside a dishwasher. Eggtastic claims that its pot of gold design along with vented top cover ensures that the cooking takes place evenly. At this point of time there are no Eggtastic reviews available to substantiate such a claim. Eggtastic convinces of being compact as it can fit anywhere and can be even taken on the go to eat right from it. Is it really compact? Send us your Eggtastic reviews.


Not just for Scrambled Eggs

Eggtastic asserts to be great for cooking eggs for a lot of people as it takes only a minute to cook. Also Eggtastic proclaims to be good at not just making scrambled eggs but also great for making poached eggs, egg for breakfast sandwiches and many other types of eggs along with fluffy rice. Does it really provide so many options with its compact frame? It will be best answered by Eggtastic user reviews coming soon.


What do I get?

You will receive two Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker for $10.00 +$9.9 P&H.Official website

43 Comments on "Eggtastic Review"

  1. I was using this to cook eggs but I always feel a little bit nauseous after eating. I don’t if I cook them on the stove top. It makes me wonder how safe it is? I threw mine away.

  2. can anyone tell me why the top keeps blowing off my eggtastic?

  3. Once that silicone ring comes off the lid it is impossible to get it to stay on.Anyone got a solution for thar?

  4. I’m cooking egg much better on the stove top, it claims it don’t stick(faults) it sticks badly, it’s hot to handle and eggs don’t come out like it does on tv, I just wasted $19 on this, but won’t bin it until I find if it does brown rice, if so, I will get bk to this site and let ppl know, what out on Facebook for updates lol

  5. Catherine Traversone | May 12, 2016 at 11:53 am | Reply

    I tried using liquid egg whites & it came out perfect. I love this product & strongly recommend purchasing it. If you use the liquid egg whites you cook it the same as you would an egg. Ex: 1/2 cup is equivalent to 2 eggs so you cook it as 2 eggs. It will stick a little but if you use cooking spray or a little melted butter; which I melt in the cooker 1st, the egg won’t stick.

  6. I love this product and it does cook up to 4 eggs, and it easy to clean. the ceramic does get hot, but I just use oven mitts. I think the eggs I’ve cooked are yummy not rubbery at all and with no butter or oil makes then extra healthy. I do add onion powder, pepper and a splash of soy milk. My 13 year old daughter loves it too, her favorite food is scrambled eggs so she can fix her own snacks without using the stove.

  7. Complaint it gets very hot.. Ok well I just put mine on a small plate or in a small dessert bowl then can pick it up by grabbing plate or bowl. Top is not hot if you grab the handle on top. Eggs not runny have to get time right for your oven that’s all.
    Taste fine to me not rubbery.


    • All I want to do is cook rice as well, but I can’t seem to find any reviewer who has done this and can share.

  9. junk product everything sticks to the inside very hard to clean, nobody should purchase this thing.

    • I love it. When it cools I put hot water and a little dish washing liquid in it. Let it set while I get ready to do dishes and it cleans up great!
      I will try rice soon.

  10. Wow! Hard to believe there are so many absolutely stupid people making ridiculous comments and complaints about this wonderful product. People, just read the Fing instructions and then follow them.

    • It’s hard to believe that someone would be rude and resort to childish name calling over negative comments about an egg cooker. Not everyone is going to think a product is wonderful and have the right to express their complaints without being verbally abused.

      • Right on , since some don’t like it , they think everyone should feel the same way , a bunch of idiots , I love it , the only probably I have is the lid coming off , I think microwave is set to high ..

  11. I would be happy to learn how you POACH an egg in the Eggtastic. I’ve seen lots of pictures and claims but nowhere does it tell me how. I sort of assume you must pierce the yolk first but it would be nice to know.

  12. How do I cook rice in this product

  13. This is by far the most badly written review ever. Grammatical errors everywhere. If you want to be a reviewer please learn to write. For example “off-course it can be…” do you mean of course? Please stop writing and go away.

  14. Bought one at Walmart $10. Works awesome. 2 eggs, a little cream, whipped 30 seconds, cooked 110. Perfect. My sons love them and can make them themselves. Take lid off and poke eggs once before removing from microwave because they will let out small amount of steam or pop.

    • JUNK!!! The OUTSIDE surface may be non-stick, but the inside is rough and nearly impossible to clean. I placed an order for 2 sets (4 in all) one set for me, the other as a gift (i would NEVER give anyone one of these as a gift) and received 10 of them! They charged me a total of $89.90 with shipping. When I called, the man (Bob, I think) nearly begged me to just keep them all and he would refund $65.00 of the money on my credit card in 3-5 days. I am waiting to see what happens. They are made in China, so heaven knows what comprises the materials they are made of. I am sure something that causes Cancer, plus, who knows if the surface is food safe. It doesn’t say anywhere in the literature. JUST DON’T BUY THESE, I don’t think they are food safe, and take forever to clean out the inside of all the food still stuck in it. BEWARE!

      • I’m a little leery to even try this after reading their FAQ’s

        California Proposition 65
        Published 07/20/2009 02:36 PM | Updated 01/27/2015 08:16 AM
        CA Proposition 65
        California residents please be advised, as per the Prop. 65 Warning: The colored artwork or designs used on this product contains lead and/or cadmium, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. More information on Prop. 65 may be found by clicking on the following link.

  15. Lots of complaints here,but ive had this product that I was going to originally order online,but then saw at Walgreens about a month and a half ago so got it there. In the short time ive had it ive used it quite a bit and am very pleased with it. Whichever reviewer said you can only use 2 eggs in it must not know how to cook or read the yellow card that came with it because I have cooked 3 eggs in it a few times with no issues and to all those who say its TOO HOT…well,it is ceramic so use common sense!!! For me it has done the job every time and not once are the eggs rubbery as some claim…then again maybe they cook at McDinalds or other fast food chains but I love this product and I will continue to use it!!! 5 stars!!!

  16. Used once, never again. What a rubbery mess. Too hot to handle.

  17. Joie Microwave Omelet in a Pot is $15.00 it’s $45.00 on Amazon.

  18. This Eggtadtic is a bunch of trash. You get a better outcome with using a pan, and that’s not all. You get two return options.
    1. You get some money into your credit card (9.70 was put back on mine, and my total was 21.16)

    2. They give you some money back BUT you have to pay for a shipping label.

    Do NOT waste your money on this.

  19. These products always claim to be “the best, etc, etc, etc…”, its up to you not to believe the hype. They’re trying to boost and sell their product by any means necessary, even if that takes scamming people. It’s as old as time!

  20. F. Alexis Bernabe | July 5, 2015 at 3:16 am | Reply

    Why the “buy one and we send you one free” just pay the H/S. Well, once i’d end up paying more for the free one than the original I was intended to buy.
    Note: not with this company.

    • That’s all part of the scam! They want to sell as many as possible, and as quickly as possible! Be wise, and be smart folks!

      “A fool and his money are soon departed”.

    • Barbara Leonard | July 14, 2015 at 4:09 pm | Reply

      I really would like to try this, but no matter how I try to order just ONE (website or phone) I find it impossible. They’d sell a lot more if they stopped being so greedy.

      • barbara scji;tz | July 25, 2015 at 3:17 pm | Reply

        I agree, it was very annoying , all the pressure to buy more. Then they transferred me to some other country , and they tried to sell me something else. I felt like I shouldn’t have ordered the product.

      • Patricia Williams | February 24, 2017 at 12:14 am | Reply

        Hey, I just bought mine for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree store, so if it does not work I can use it as a planter.

        Sooner or later all the “As seen on TV” products wind up at the Dollar Store….ha..ha….

  21. Seriously…Does everything have to be grammatically correct for you to understand what’s going on in the comment section?Are you guys not smart enough? Morons……

    Sounds like a delicious recipe. Thank you for the review.

    • Cat…Kat, Whoo kares, u no whet im tring too sey

      idiot, it’s an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL word, it really isn’t that hard.

      Try watching Sesame Street, you MIGHT learn something.

      Learn the difference between to and too, their, there, and they’re, you’re and your. It’s also spelled loser, not looser, you lose something, you don’t loose something. JFC, I’m not asking for perfection, how hard is it, remember that big word called proof reading, remember when the teacher said, if you finish early, proof read your work, yea, same thing, before you click post, RE-READ it, it really isn’t that hard.

      • Just looking... | July 5, 2015 at 5:01 am | Reply

        Why be so rude, armybeef?

        Grammar and spelling are important, but kindness and treating others with dignity are far more important skills.

        BTW, there are numerous punctuation errors in your comments, and a spelling error as well (it’s “yeah”, not “yea”)

  22. “Later the top pops of in the microwave”

    “Off-course it can come in handy”

    I WAS going to ask you if you knew the difference between OFF and OF but OBVIOUSLY you’ve never had an elementary school education.

    • I have to admit that grammar is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and I do get slightly annoyed when people don’t proof read what they’ve written. However, sometimes EVEN when you DO proof read you might not catch EVERY mistake, especially if you understand how the brain actually works. Spelling can be especially hard sometimes of the way your brain actually reads. It looks at the word as a whole. As long as the first and last letter are where they’re supposed to be, the rest can be completely jumbled and your brain can still interpret it. Not exactly the case here but I’m just saying. My point is that you don’t have to be so nasty and try to act like you’re superior to everyone else on here, with your to too and two bs. Yes everyone should know the difference, but you rambling on about it doesn’t make you smart. Another thing that bothers me is when people don’t know how to break down a contraction into it’s two words. However, in a formal situation contractions aren’t even acceptable to use. See, I can lecture and ramble on too and try and sound smart just like you! And I can rhyme doing it! Haha. Annoying, huh? Stop trying to make yourself look smarter than you actually are on a website full of strangers who don’t really give two flips about you or your opinions. I just wanted see a review of a product, NOT read your irrelevant opinion on someone else’s comment. Their spelling of a word might have been wrong but at least they were writing about the product, which is what this is for in the first place, unlike you!

    • Your command of elementary school information is amazing. You are clearly as smart and as mature as a fifth grader!

  23. Here is the Real Deal at Amazon for Cooking Eggs.

    Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher
    by Nordic Ware

    and if you care to make an Omelet

    Nordic Ware Microwave Omelet Pan
    by Nordic Ware

    I use the egg cooker all the time for many reasons. Can do a couple eggs in a minute and dice it up and add to a salad or dish.

    The Omelet maker I actually use it in a way not designed most of the time.

    I take 2 beaten eggs, and then add some ground Flax, Onion, thawed Spinach or Collard Greens Peppers Garlic & Choice of veggies, soaked Steel Cut oats, Italian Spice. I also add Tumeric as it is such a good Antiseptic & Antioxidant.

    Sir it all together, and put on each side of the omelet dish and cook about 3-4 minutes or until firm.

    This makes a nice firm microwave baked egg dish, with lots of protein, fiber, Steel Cut Oats a great blood Sugar stabilizer. All ingredients making a well packed, very tasty dish but here is the Secret.

    When cooked plate, top with a few tablespoons of premium chunky Spaghetti Sause and as good of a Parmesan or Romano Cheese as you can afford.

    This is MY fix for Pasta, with lots of protein, fiber and good ingredients for a great breakfast and a fix for my Pasta & Cheese cravings.

  24. Microwave eggs tend to be rubbery. You can make much better eggs (and most food in general) with more traditional approaches. I realize that there is skill involved in learning basic cooking techniques but it’s not all that difficult and the skills will last you a lifetime.

    Furthermore, stop expecting foods cooked without the fat added to be as tasty as foods cooked with the right amount of fat. It just doesn’t taste as good, and you can use other ingredients to give it more flavor, but you probably shouldn’t have messed with it in the first place.

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