Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill and Pizza Oven REVIEW

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What is Go Chef 6-in-1?
It is a worktop pizza oven that helps with close, immediate cooking of perfect pizzas and is also ideal for baking, roasting and stewing.


Go Chef 6-in-1 Claims

Perfect heat distribution – Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill could be the best thing to happen to those who love the tastiest pizzas, baked delicacies, sweet savories and more. First, as a pizza oven, its makers claim that it imparts direct, intense heat to pizzas for perfect results which regular ovens cannot. Its perfect round setting ensures the right amount of heat cooks pizzas in the right way from all sides so pizzas never come out undercooked, raw or burnt in any way.



Much more to it than just pizzas – GoChef Combi-Grill and Pizza Oven is also a pro at baking, roasting and stewing delicacies like cheesecake, quiche, scallops, scones, pasta, puddings, pies and more. It is comes with an array of cooking implements like a set of 8 purpose-made, non-sticky silicone and flexible cake moulds. It also has two non-stick cooking surfaces in the ‘open’ position and can double as a griddle and frying pan.

Easy to use and manage – GoChef 6-in-1 Combi-Grill and Pizza Oven can be easily folded up and stored away after use.


Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill and Pizza Oven Question and Answers

Q. What is the maximum pizza size that can be made on Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill?
A. The largest size of pizza it can bake is 10 inches and can go up to 12 inches since its diameter is 29 cm.

Q. What is the large silicone liner useful for? Is it useful for making pizza?
A. It is helpful to keep wet bakes such as cake mixture lined in for baking. It is not great for pizza as its increased cooking time might not provide a crispy base.

Q. How deep is its base?
A. Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill doesn’t have a very deep base.

Q. Can both sides of Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill be used at once? Do they heat up at once?
A. Both sides of the oven heat quickly and can be laid flat to use one of the sides as a warm plate. They can also be used separately.

Q. What are the dimensions of Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill?
A. 42 cm X 31.5 cm X 16 cm

Q. Will Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill work to make a UK quesadilla that is perfectly cooked at the edges and doesn’t squish out the filling?
A. Yes, but care should be taken that it isn’t overfilled to avoid any squishing.

Q. Do Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill work on ready-made pizza bases and frozen pizza?
A. Yes, it will work. Users should use the brown baking paper and keep the diameter to 10 inches or lesser to bake the pizza. Users will have to experiment to figure out best temperature and timing.


Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill Reviews

Christina Townsend states in her review that Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill is lightweight and easy to use. She has successfully made pizza, fried eggs without oil, made burgers, kebabs, and more successfully. She also mentions in her review that cleaning it is a breeze.

Another reviewer, Kerry Sutton, reveals that Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill is good in size and heats up pretty quickly. It saves a lot of space due to its folding design but has a single drawback of a shorter cord.


Go Chef 6-in-1 Combi Grill Verdict

You will find 12 piece Go Chef Combi Grill and Pizza Oven on jmldirect.com and even on amazon.co.uk for £69.99 where as a 3 piece Go Chef for £59.99. At moment there are not many reviews for this product but the few reviews that are written by the verified purchaser on amazon are quite satisfied with the product and highly recommend it. It has a 4.7 star ratings on amazon.co.uk.

Pizza Oven and Multi grill by Gourmet Gadgetry is another such product on amazon.co.uk for £42.92 and having 4.3 star ratings with 15 customer reviews. It is has much lower price compared to Go chief and a decent star ratings too. We recommend you to go with Pizza Oven and multi grill by Gourmet Gadgetry if you only need the oven and not a set of extra utensils as it is affordable. But if you want a set of other utensils such as tongs ventilation lid silicone pan liner cake moulds along with Oven and grill Go chef 6-in-1 Combi grill and pizza oven is a good choice for your requirement.


What do I get?

  • 1 GoChef 6-in-1 Combi Grill & Pizza Oven
  • 1 Glass Ventilation Lid
  • 1 Spatula Tongs
  • 1 Removable Silicone Pan Liner
  • 8 Silicone Cake Moulds/Ramekins
  • 1 Recipe book

Price: £69.99 at JMLDirect.com

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  1. Have just bought a Go Chef 6 in 1 Combi Grill & Pizza Oven but where do I get the removable pan liners & cake moulds – silicone- please

  2. Have just bought a Go Chef 6 in one combi grill & pizza oven, I live in New Zealand, so where can i purchase the removable silicone pan liner & the 8 silicone cake moulds/ramekins please

  3. I see you ship to nz,, the machine that makes the pita bead etc, and a betty crocker pizza machine do they work on nz power because i brought a machine that does hambergers and it wont work here in nz the power is different i would love to get one of the machines for making the small breads but i need to know i cane use it here in nz otherwise its no good to me thankyou looking forward to hearing from you Betty Hardy

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