Runway Brows REVIEW

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What are Runway Brows? – They are stencils that help you create symmetrical, well- defined sculpted brows all by yourself.

Runway Brows Claims

For supermodel style brows – If you’re struggling with unkempt, over plucked and messy eyebrows and don’t know how to shape them right, Runway Brows could be the solution you need. Runway Brows are innovatively created eyebrow stencils which you simply need to place on your brow, use a brush to fill it with your preferred colour and repeat. It’s a simple procedure that guarantees a fabulous transformation to your features without any hassles or expensive salon trips. Its makers assure that it’s easy to define your eyebrows with it as it can be used by anyone right at home in a few minutes.

Flawlessly symmetrical results, won’t fade away – You can expect Runway Brows to make it possible for you to not only define your brows but also thicken, colour and shape them the way you desire. It claims to be the perfect brow definition formulated with smudge proof technology formula which is easy to use. It also comprises paraben and mineral oil-free semi-permanent powder that is water-resistant, which means it will stay intact all day even in a pool or at the beach.

Runway Brows REVIEW

Shannon Barnes mentions in her review“Runway Brows is easy to use. It comes in an elegant container along with a mirror. Its wax is of good quality; it really stays all day. However, there are some issues with Runway Brows. The colors are either too light or too dark. The different color combinations didn’t help much. And you need to take too much care while using the same stencil on both eyebrows ‘coz they’re different from each other.”

Abby Lavelle says in her Runway Brows review“I didn’t like Runway Brows at all. Its stencils are of cheap quality and too big. Its wax isn’t any good either.”

Gina Lloyd reveals in her review“The brush is too stiff and substandard. I won’t recommend Runway Brows.”

Lauren Rodriguez reveals in her review“Its Brow shadow is awful. It doesn’t work well, nor the tweezers. However, the brow brush is quite good.”

Rose Horan says in her review“The Runway Brows templates aren’t any use. The brow colors aren’t as dark as I wanted.”

Leslie Whitman mentions in her review“Hated the brow powders of Runway Brows. The brush is also very stiff and stencils offer no variety. The thick stencil didn’t work on my eyebrows.”

Ashlyn Press complains in her review“Quality is an issue with Runway Brows. Contents are too greasy and waxy. They don’t stay on skin.”

Crystal Harris states in her review – “Couldn’t use the templates of Runway Brows properly. Couldn’t figure out proper usage of brushes as the instructions are too complicated to follow.

Allie Johnston mentions in her review“The brow shadow of Runway Brows is just awful. Don’t buy this kit.”

Samantha Heath complains in her review“The liner brush of Runway Brows is too hard and rigid. The make-up is also very light and doesn’t stick to my brushes. The colors in this kit are of inferior quality.”

Runway Brows Questions and Answers

Question: I use Runway Brows to draw my brows. Does it stick to the skin? And is its texture the same as that of eye shadow powder?
Answer: Well, the Runway Brows color does stay if you follow your procedure. Try applying the wax provided in the kit on your brows first. The color will stay even longer.

Question: Is Runway Brows made in China?
Answer: Possibly.

Question: Is Runway Brows easy to use? How long does it stay?
Answer: My eyebrows are very thin, so I use a pencil for my brows. I follow it with the powder over top. The Runway Brows powder and pencil combination work great. I wish to perfect the procedure of using Runway Brows. The only issue I face is that my eyebrows are not alike. One is higher than the other. Using the stencil accordingly isn’t easy. But I expect you’ll get it right.

Question: Will Runway Brows work on a scratched brow?
Answer: Effectively yes. Mix its color with the eye brow wax and apply for smooth application.

Question: Is Runway Brows waterproof?
Answer: Generally, yes.

Question: Is Runway Brows available in greyish color?
Answer: Yes, three pallets are provided in the Runway Brows kit. They contain two shades, so you can customize your brow shade. You’ll pick up the nuances of using Runway Brows as you start with its application, select the right brow stencil and draw your brow. You’ll be able to do it in just two minutes soon and get fabulous results.

What do I get?
Get the Runway Brows for $19.99 + S/h | Official Runway Brow website:

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