Go Belt Review

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What is Go Belt

As per the TV infomercial it is a revolutionary belt that goes easily on the waist and provides hands-free security to keep valuables securely. It is so lightweight and sleek that it is concealable under clothing too.



Safeguarding valuables

Go Belt claims to be the most innovative solution yet that will change the way you secure your valuables in a hands-free way. Although there are no Go Belt reviews available at this point of time that will attest to its claims. Go Belt guarantees that it is not cumbersome to carry like purses or bags. Due to a lack of Go Belt review we cannot confirm whether its claims are real or not. Go Belt states to be like a belt and goes around the waist to securely safeguard the valuable items. Go Belt does sound pretty interesting; user reviews will expose the truth.

Innovative design

The idea of keeping stuff around the waist has been around since some time but Go Belt proclaims to take it a notch up with its design. Currently there are no Go Belt reviews available to substantiate its claims. Go Belt asserts to have a soft belt design that goes around the waist easily. There are two zippered, expandable pockets to keep different sized items. Its expandable nature does make it sound promising but we will need to wait for Go Belt reviews to prove it. Go Belt alleges to have a comfortable and soft fabric for hours of wearing without feeling any stress. Additionally, Go Belt promises to stay in place locked even while extreme physical movements like working out or jogging. Such far-fetched claims by Go Belt will be only verified once users review it.


Features and benefits

Go Belt assures that anyone who wears it would be able to feel comfortable as it is not only lightweight but extra-stretchy too. This makes it perfect for fitting on waist sizes of 24” to 40”. Although there are no user reviews available currently to validate its claims. Go Belt emphasizes to have two different zipper pockets of different size for carrying smaller items like cash, earphones, keys, gum, etc. and bigger one for passport, cellphone, gum, torch, utility knife, etc. The ability to carry so much stuff does make Go Belt a good product to buy; user reviews will soon reveal the facts. Go Belt convinces to be so discreet in design that it fits right under the clothes without showing up. Such an easy-to-hide feature is definitely a benefit but we need to analyze Go Belt reviews to confirm the same. Go Belt declares to be available in red and blue colors. Does Go Belt really work as it claims? Send us your reviews.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 2 Go Belt and 2 Go wallets for $10
  • Official website: getgobelt.com
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