Socket Genie Review

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About Socket Genie

Socket Genie claims to be the universal dock and wall outlet combined in the same unit to let your charge multiple devices or plug in appliances simultaneously. Socket Genie proclaims to work with practically any phone, e-reader and tablet no matter what brand it is. Socket Genie states to have rapid charging technology that charges devices up to two times faster.



How does it work

The creators of Socket Genie maintain that the universal charger is cord-free and has a charging dock right on top so even if you have more than one electrical appliance plugged in there will be room to charge your device. Socket Genie maintains to have two electrical sockets to plug in appliances and two USB slots on the side to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The exchangeable adapters on top let you get any adapter out and charge any brand phone, tablet or e-reader.

Universal charging dock and wall outlet

You no longer have to deal with tangling cords and occupied wall outlets if you want to charge your device while you are using electrical appliances. Your kids wouldn’t have to fight about who will charge their device first either. This is being claimed by Socket Genie, which is a universal charging dock and wall outlet combined in the same unit. Socket Genie emphasizes that it is a safe and easy way to plug in your appliances and charge your devices at the same time. Socket Genie declares to have two electrical sockets, a charging dock on the top, and two USB outlets on the side to let you charge two more devices. With its technology, Socket Genie convinces to keep your outlets free and charge all your devices simultaneously eliminating the mess of too many cords and shortage of charging ports.


Charges two times faster

Socket Genie promises to have rapid charging technology that charges any device two times faster than a regular charger. It also states to provide continuous power to let you watch longer movies. Socket Genie declares to let you charge practically any device of any brand in the universal dock. The adapter on top of Socket Genie is allegedly exchangeable so you can swap one adapter out and plug in different kinds of adapters. Socket Genie asserts to work with almost all phones, tablets, e-readers and Mp3 players. Socket Genie maintains that you can plug in an additional unit of Socket Genie into it and double up the charging docks. The universal charger proves to be the best solution especially when you are travelling and there aren’t enough charging points in the room to charge your multiple devices at the same time and your traveling companion’s device, too.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get Socket Genie today for $14.99 plus $7.99 S&H.
  • Official website:
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