Flip and Store Review

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What is Flip and Store

As per the TV infomercial it is a fun, fast and easy way to store anything and everything at home to create more space and organize stuff. It is perfect for keeping clothes, craft items, hardware, shoes, etc. to utilize vertical spaces at home.


Tidy up your home

Flip and Store proclaims to be the number one solution to tidy up homes by providing a fast and easy storage space to neatly keep numerous items. How good is Flip and Store at its job shall be substantiated once we receive user reviews. Flip and Store states to ease up the issue of messy closets and drawers that hardly close. It gives ample space to organize items in these drawers and closets which seems like a farfetched claim and will be validated once Flip and Store is reviewed. Flip and Store assures to be perfect for everyone and with its unique design it will not only help store things neatly but also save space. Is Flip and Store worthy of purchasing? Send us your Flip and Store reviews.

Simply Flip and Store

Flip and Store, as the name suggests, alleges to be a unique vertical stacking box that has various levels that can store items inside it. The design particulars are still sketchy as currently there are no Flip and Store reviews available. Flip and Store asserts to be a compact design storage box that comes with 4 levels and is sized to take advantage of vertical spaces in the house. It can help save up to three times the space with its unique design. Such fancy claims made by Flip and Store will be attested only once users review it. Flip and Store promises to be perfectly sized to fit into closets, pantries, cupboards and more. Although no reviews of Flip and Store are available yet that can verify the same. Flip and Store maintains to be equipped with storage bands that keep the items intact inside and at the same time allow users to see and spot what they want easily. Such supreme features do make Flip and Store attractive; more shall be revealed once it is reviewed.


Multiple benefits

Flip and Store claims to have numerous advantages starting with its ability to store clothes at home and even help transport them to the laundry. Do clothes stay secure and safe in it will be known once Flip and Store is reviewed. Flip and Store promises to be great for keeping other materials too such as socks, undergarments, belts, ties, scarves, jewellery, crafting materials, shoes, tools, office supplies, towels and medications. Such universal qualities make Flip and Store a strong case for itself; Flip and Store reviews will soon expose the truth. Flip and Store convinces to be great for everyone and will even make teens love it. Flip and Store alleges to be designed not just for home but also garages, RVs and boats. Is Flip and Store really as good as it claims? Flip and Store reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What Do I Get?

  • You can get Two Flip and Store for $14.99 plus $15.98 S&H.
  • You also get Perfect Shirt Folder
  • Official website: flipandstore.com
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