Jack-O-Lantern Review

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About Jack-O-Lantern

Jack-O-Lantern claims to be a set of LED Pumpkin decoration lanterns that are solar powered to let you reduce your electricity bills this Halloween’s. Jack-O-Lantern assures that it is as bright and delightful as it gets and works indoors as well as outdoors. It states that the chargeable batteries can be charged in direct sunlight or even UV light inside the house. Jack-O-Lantern also asserts that it is an automatic light so you do not have to worry about turning it on or off and gives 10 hours of light each time when charged fully.



How does it work

Instead of running electrical cables across your house or yard, you can just hang Jack-O-Lantern anywhere as its manufacturers maintain. Jack-O-Lantern proclaims to take a few seconds to put up and declares that you just need to switch on the light and hang it anywhere in the house or outside. The AAA chargeable solar batteries in the Jack-O-Lantern allege to power the white LED lights and you just need to switch on the light. The automatic light of Jack-O-Lantern emphasizes to switch on automatically when it’s dusk and turns off in the morning to charge throughout the day.

Decorate your house this Halloween’s

If it’s Halloween’s and you worry about electricity bills shooting up then Jack-O-Lantern promises that you can set your worry aside. Jack-O-Lantern is a set of LED pumpkin lanterns for Halloween’s decorations that has AAA rechargeable solar batteries, which need no electricity or alkaline batteries to light up. Jack-O-Lantern claims that the built-in solar panel powers the white LED lights to light up your home. The lantern alleges to need no installation and takes seconds to put up since you simply need to turn on its switch and hang it anywhere you want. Jack-O-Lantern asserts that it charges in direct sunlight or UV lighting at home. Depending on the sunlight it receives, Jack-O-Lantern convinces that it can work for up to 10 hours each night so your area will be lit up throughout the night.


For indoor as well as outdoor use

Whether it’s the staircase in your home or the backyard, front yard, patio, walkway, trees or the deck outside, Jack-O-Lantern declares to light up the area brightly. The lantern switches on automatically when it’s sundown and turns off in the morning to charge throughout the day. So, Jack-O-Lantern convinces that you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering to switch it on or off again and again and can say goodbye to the hassle of unplugging it like in traditional electrical lamps. The lantern maintains that it is made of high quality material so it will last for a long time. Jack-O-Lantern assures that your Halloween’s party will be an instant hit and you do not have to worry even if there’s a power outage since it doesn’t need electricity to work and is bright enough to light up the area well. The lantern also guarantees to be safe since you don’t need tin candles or even electricity to light up.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Two packs Solar Jack-O-Lantern for 59.99
  • Official website: buypumpkinlights.com
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