Flex A Curl REVIEW

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What is Flex A Curl

It claims to be a fun, safe and comfortable hair curling system that gives curls for short, medium, and long hair.



Flex A Curl CLAIMS

Easy curling system – Flex A Curl proclaims to be a curling system that offers salon-like curls to any type and length of hair right at home. Flex A Curl assures that unlike other hot rods and tight curlers since it doesn’t damage the hair. More shall be revealed once users review Flex A Curl.

Easy to use – Flex A Curl states to come with a Twirler Hook that holds the curler into the place. Its end is to be attached to the part of hair to be curled. Once done, simply pull the hook of the twirler and let the hair slide into the curler. Such an easy mechanism is said to provide smooth and bouncy curls. There are no Flex A Curl reviews available to attest to its claims.

Exceptional design – Flex A Curl declares to have a soft, comfortable body that can be even worn to sleep. Flex A Curl asserts to be heat proof so that wet hair can be attached to it and blown dry for a styling look. Did you find Flex A Curl useful? Send us your reviews.


Flex A Curl Review

Velma Higgins, a Flex A Curl user reveals in her review that using it is frustrating and not at all as easy as shown in the video. She warns in her Flex A Curl review that the curls come out to be tight and spiral. So it isn’t for someone who wants soft spiral curls.

One other customer Becky Reeves disappointingly says in her Flex A Curl review that it made her hair look weird. It seems to be good only for short hair. Her Flex A Curl review also states that it’s too long and expensive too.

Another Flex A Curl review by Peggy Mills complains that it doesn’t work on wet or damp hair as promised. The hook simply pulled the hair out even when they are dry. According to her review she couldn’t achieve a single curl with Flex A Curl after consistently trying for 2 hours.

A user review of Flex A Curl by Toni Wade says that she found it difficult to apply and after the curls were done she noticed the ends of curlers dented into the hair.

Tricia Carson, another Flex A Curl reviewer realized that she would require more than 8 packages to do an entire head since a single package didn’t come with enough pieces.

A Flex A Curl review by Vanessa Powell says that the curler is useless since it doesn’t come with the tool that is required to pull the hair inside.

Sonja Barber suggests other users in her review not to purchase Flex A Curl. She found it useless on her damp hair and saw them getting stuck in the tubes while pulling them out. Her review further states that Flex A Curl can hurt the head and is not for people with a sensitive head.

Bobbie Cannon’s Flex A Curl review also says that the hair gets caught in the curlers and can hurt the head. She asserts in her review that Flex A Curl caught her hair every time she tried to pull them out resulting into extreme pain.

Another Flex A Curl review by Jean Coleman reveals that damp or wet hair takes time to dry inside the plastic curls. In her Flex A Curl review, she writes that the curls work decently but gives only tight curls.

One Flex A Curl review by Leticia Lowe complains that these stiff curlers are uncomfortable to sleep and doesn’t give long and wide curls as promised on the package.


Flex A Curl Questions and Answers

Q. Does Flex A Curl produce loose or tight curls?
A. It gives pretty tight curls.

Q. Does it require the styling hook to work?
A. Yes, the styling hook is required to pull the hair through it.

Q. Is Flex A Curl really comfortable enough to sleep-in?
A. It’s comfort varies and depends on the sensitivity of the scalp.

Q. Do you have to buy the hook separately?
A. Yes.

Q. How to ensure that hair get easily inside Flex A Curl and not slip off into the open cracks?
A. Use a good amount of hair on the hook, then tangle and pull.

Q. Will Flex A Curl work for perm application?
A. No, it cannot since there is no way to know what type of curl it produces.

Q. How many curlers are in one pack?
A. Flex A Curl comes with 8 curlers.

Q. Does the color of each curler in Flex A Curl bear any significance?
A. Yes, each of them is colored as per the width of the curl.

Q. How long does Flex A Curl go when stretched out?
A. There is no proper information available regarding the same. But Flex A Curl says that it functions in short, medium, and long hair. Although customers have said that it didn’t work well for them since it was difficult to use and hurt them.


What do I get?
Please check the official website FlexACurl.com | BuyFlexACurl.com | GetFlexACurl.com | TryFlexACurl.com

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