FixPics Review

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About FixPics

FixPics alleges to be a great way to restore your old photographs that have been damaged, torn and ripped, or just look dull. FixPics asserts to have trained technicians and latest software that can correct the colors, enhance the background, and improve the overall quality to make the photos look brand new. FixPics convinces to turn your black and white photographs into full colored ones. The photo restoration system guarantees that even if you think the photographs are beyond repair, it can restore it to look better than new.



How does it work

Employing the services of professional photography retailers and the latest state-of-the-art software, FixPics proclaims to turn black and white photos into color and use color correction, enhanced backgrounds, and improve clarity. All you need to do is visit the FixPics website and place a request for restoration of your photographs. FixPics will send you a ‘Restoration in a Box’ kit. Insert your damaged photos in their self-addressed and stamped envelope and mail it to FixPics. The trained technicians of FixPics then color correct, compensate for water damage, remove traces, improve the overall quality, and send it right back to you along with the original.


Restore your damaged photographs

Photographs are a link to our past and our most cherished memories. However, because of wear and tear, water damage, fire or humidity, they tend to crease, tear or damage. But now it is possible to relive the moments and restore the photographs with FixPics, as its creators allege. FixPics promises to be experts in fixing all kinds of damages on the photographs and that the restored pictures will be as good as new and no one could say that they have been worked on. No matter how old or damaged your photographs are, FixPics guarantees to fix them all. FixPics declares that it has been fixing photographs to their original look for the past 25 years and has restored tens of thousands of them. FixPics claims to be now making the services available to the people directly.

Reclaims your memories easily

Restoring your photographs needs no hassle or hard work from your end, as FixPics guarantess. You just need to visit the FixPics website and place a request for restoration, after which you will receive a ‘Restoration in a Box’ kit. Package your photograph in the self-addressed and stamped envelope and mail it to FixPics. The trained technicians of FixPics then emphasize to color correct, remove traces, compensate for rips and tears, and also improve the overall clarity and mail the new photograph along with the original back to you. The photos restored by FixPics allege to be spic and span and will last for years to come. Whether it is your grandparents’ wedding photograph that has ripped or just dulled over years, your own childhood photo damaged by water or fire, or even a recent one that’s damaged for any reason, with the restoration system you will be able to reclaim all of them and even look better than new photos.


What do I get?

You get FixPics for $49 plus free shipping.Official website

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