Dish Egg Review

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About Dish Egg

Dish Egg states to be an innovative silicone sponge for the kitchen that can replace a traditional sponge. Dish Egg asserts to rinse clean easily, dry quickly, and stay soft to touch so that it doesn’t fill with germs and bacteria and keeps the kitchen healthy. With its sponge side Dish Egg maintains to be gentle enough on glassware and the scrapper side tough enough to clean dirty grills. Whether glass, tin, steel, ceramic, cast iron or copper, Dish Egg claims to clean everything effectively.


How does it work

What makes Dish Egg so revolutionary is allegedly its design. It maintains to have hundreds of tiny flexible nano silicone tubes that make it soft like a sponge. At the back of the Dish Egg is proclaimed to be the power of a scrubber and scrapper. This combination assures to let Dish Egg tackle toughest of cleaning job and even dirty grill. Because of this combination, Dish Egg also convinces to rinse clean easily under tap water, dry quickly and stay soft to touch making it the best replacement to an old-fashioned kitchen sponge.


The softness of a sponge and power of a scrubber in one

The sponge that you use in your kitchen is meant to clean things for you but it itself is the filthiest thing you will ever find. That’s because it is infested with germs and bacteria and could make you sick. But now Dish Egg emphasizes to be a revolutionary dish scrubber that has flexible nano tubes on one side making it soft like sponge and the power of the scrubber on the other side making it tackle the most difficult of cleaning tasks. Dish Egg declares that it can rinse clean under running water and dries quickly so that it doesn’t collect germs, mold or mildew and is thus a safe and healthy option for cleaning in the kitchen. It takes just three days for a traditional sponge to fill with millions of bacteria and germs that spread around as you use the dirty sponge on other surfaces. But the premium grade silicone of Dish Egg proclaims to curb the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Gentle on glassware and tough on dirty grills

Dish Egg guarantees to be so effective that just one piece can replace 50 sponges so that you do not have to keep chucking them out. The sponge side claims to clean so gently that you can even use it on your expensive wine glasses and glassware without causing scratches. Dish Egg convinces to be safer than steel wool to give scratch-free cleaning to all your pots and pans. The scrubber asserts to do all tough jobs and the scrapper side of Dish Egg is tough enough to even clean dirty grills. Dish Egg claims to work on glass, steel, ceramic, tins, cast iron and even copper and clean them all just as effectively. Dish Egg maintains to also work in the bathroom on showers, tubs, and basins.


What do I get?

You’ll receive Two Dish Egg™ for just $10.00 plus $11.98 S&H.Official website

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