Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher

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What is Fire Gone – A fire extinguisher that puts out fire easily and quickly and is packaged in a smart aerosol can.


Fire Gone fire extinguisher claims to be the most useful equipment for you if you want to protect your dorm room, car or apartment from accidental fire. Accidental fires have been on a rise and there have been 3,300 campus fires in just about a year. While one doesn’t have the time to call a fire brigade or even use the bulky fire extinguisher, Fire Gone extinguisher promises to be an easier and quicker solution to put out the fire.


Smart and easy to use aerosol can

It is a known fact that the first 30 seconds of any fire are crucial since they decide how consuming the fire is going to be. An accidental fire can get so large that it can be a danger to you and your property. But Fire Gone supposedly lets you put your worry to rest with its easy and familiar to operate smart aerosol can. Whenever there is a fire, all you need to do is pull the tab of the Fire Gone can, point and spray the solution on to the fire and the fire will extinguish.


Specially formulated fire fighting foam

Fire Gone is meant to have a patent pending design that distributes a steady, strong and targeted stream that apparently targets the source of the fire. This stream then believably coats the fire with a specially formulated fire fighting foam that helps in extinguishing the fire.


Made of biodegradable chemicals

The fire fighting foam of Fire Gone is said to be made from biodegradable chemicals that are easy to clean. The can is also apparently very compact so you can carry it around and have it handy in your apartment, dorm room, car, go karting, ATV and quad bike, on a boat or even for an outdoor barbecue party.


What do I get?
Get Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher for just $19.95 + S/h. Official website:

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