Deukonig Handheld Steamer

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What is Deukonig Handheld Steamer – A revolutionary handheld garment steamer that is safe and convenient to use and saves time.


Deukonig Handheld Steamer is a powerful garment steamer that claims to have none of the problems of a traditional steamer – ineffectiveness, bulk and inconvenience to lug around, moldy smell in their water tank, leakage and tendency to burn the user.


Sleek yet power-packed

Deukonig Handheld Steamer believably has a sleek handheld design that is convenient to hold. Weighing just 630 grams, Deukonig Handheld Steamer claims to be 1500 watts powerful and supposed to have much more power than the cheap low temperature steamers that do not give the perfect iron. It’s light enough to be carried on travels.


Exclusive high-pressure chamber design

Deukonig Handheld Steamer is meant to give a firm crease each time without leaving double lines like flat irons due to its exclusive high-pressure chamber design, high-pressure pump and 1500 watts hot plate that apparently heats up in just 10 seconds. Deukonig Handheld Steamer supposedly gives such powerful steam that it can pass through a pillow and its pressure is apparently constant so you get effective and even ironing.


Steam volume control switch lets you choose the steam intensity

One of the greatest features of Deukonig Handheld Steamer is said to be its one-touch steam volume control that gives you the power to choose the ideal temperature to iron specific fabrics of your garments. The hot plate of Deukonig Handheld Steamer is believably bigger than traditional steamers and it has a stainless steel head that can act as a flat iron or steamer as per your need.


Makes the fabric smooth and firm

Unlike regular steamers, Deukonig Handheld Steamer supposedly makes fabrics smooth and firm and irons on both sides at once with its stainless steel head and high temperature that eliminate wrinkles. It can also be used on table cloths, curtains, bed sheets and materials like fur, cotton, silk, velvet, sequins and even buttons and prints. Deukonig Handheld Steamer apparently also kills bacteria and eliminates odor from clothes.

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