EdenPure pureWash Review

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About EdenPure pureWash

EdenPure pureWash is an HR Molecule generator that claims to let you wash your laundry as clean as you’d get in a hospital. EdenPure pureWash asserts to let you save money, kills germs and ensure that you never have to buy detergents again. EdenPure pureWash claims to work well with standard as well as high-efficiency washing machines. EdenPure pureWash assures to increase the life of your clothes and linens by eliminating laundry stiffness, color fading and chemical buildup.


How does it work

EdenPure pureWash proclaims that it cleans the laundry naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals in detergents. Like any HR Molecule Generator EdenPure pureWash produces Hydroxyl Radical (HR) Molecules, which is an extremely potent and natural cleanser that purifies air and water other than also sanitizing and deodorizing them. With this technology, EdenPure pureWash states to do the same for your clothes without the use of detergents that pollute the air, clog drains, and cause irritation and infection.

A natural and powerful way to cleanse laundry

The HR molecule technology has been used in hospitals since decades but has always been out of reach for normal people because the generators are huge, high-end, and cost thousands of dollars. But with technological advancement, EdenPure pureWash proclaims to make the same technology affordable, compact and easy to use. Producing the natural and potent cleanser Hydroxyl Radical (HR) Molecules to wash laundry instead of detergents, EdenPure pureWash convinces to eliminate many problems associated with harsh chemicals that made hospitals ditch detergents in the first place, like promoting germs, leaving behind chemicals that result in irritation and skin infections, polluting the air, clogging drains, and harming the linens.


Cheaper, more sanitary and eco-friendly

EdenPure pureWash declares to be so cost-effective that not only does it pay for itself but also assures extra cash for you every year since you will be saving on everything from detergents, fabric softeners and conditioners, bleach and even electricity for hot water. Your clothes are also said to become more durable since EdenPure pureWash guarantees to prevent laundry stiffness, color fading, and chemical odors. EdenPure pureWash declares to eliminate detergent buildup to give you more sanitized, irritant-free and deodorized clothes. EdenPure pureWash maintains to be easy to install, and is also maintenance-free so you do not have to worry about recurring costs while also saving up on energy bills. EdenPure pureWash also promises that you do not have to get into the hassle of replacing your existing washing machine with a high-end one because it works equally well on both. EdenPure pureWash states to have High Flow to be compatible with your standard washing machines and Low Flow for High Efficiency washing machines.


What do I get?

You get EdenPure pureWash for $297.00. Official website edenpure.com.

2 Comments on "EdenPure pureWash Review"

  1. Do not waste your time with this. The first one I purchased lasted 4 months. I got a replacement for it and it worked for a little over two years, when the warranty ran out. I did not save any money, because I would have never bought over $325 of laundry detergent in that time. I have found this company to make broad claims, but not have very good products.

  2. Works great until it breaks in 3 months then you’ll never get it fixed.

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