Dual Hanger Review

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About Dual Hanger

Dual Hanger asserts to be a special kind of hanger that can quadruple the space in your closet within seconds. Dual Hanger claims to fold easily to save space and can take 20 lbs of weight easily so you can hang any kind of apparel you want. Dual Hanger proclaims to have inbuilt LED lights to help you find for clothes without switching on the lights.


How does it work

Unlike regular hangers that can only hang one clothing, Dual Hanger convinces to have a patented dual-arm design that lets you hang clothes on both the sides, 5 on each side, which means 10 clothes on your hanger that can be lifted, folded and slid into a corner to make more space. This feature of Dual Hanger states that you can increase the space in your closet by four times and save up to 3 feet of space.

Increase the space in your closet by four times

If your clothes have outgrown your closet and you cannot contain the large number of stuff you have then Dual Hanger promises to make life easier for you. Proclaiming to be a special type of hanger, Dual Hanger assures that it can increase the space in your closet by quadruple within seconds. The dual arm design of Dual Hanger is claimed to be patent-pending that lets you hang 10 garments on a single hanger, which can then be folded upwards to save space. Whether you want to hang shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, or jackets, you can hang it all on Dual Hanger as it proclaims that you can pull the middle down to let you hang ties, scarves or jewelry neatly.


Wrinkle-free clothes every time

Dual Hanger declares to be easy to use and you just need to press a button to release the arm of the hanger. Dual Hanger also has LED lights to let you see the clothes easily without having to switch on the lights and it asserts to be strong enough to withstand 20lbs of clothes so you can hang bulky garments like suits, too. Regular hangers make a clutter of clothes in your closet and results in wrinkled mess. But Dual Hanger states that the space between the slots of the hanger will let you space out the clothes evenly and away from each other so they won’t crease or wrinkle. Dual Hanger convinces to work on any types of hangers – wooden, plastic or metal and works ideally for homes and dorms. Dual Hanger also emphasizes to let you hang purses, belts, scarves or jewelry other than clothes and the foldable design promises to keep the stuff out of the door of the closet.


What do I get?

You get 2 DUAL HANGERS™ for only $14.99 plus $7.95 P&H. Official website dualhanger.com.

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