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What is Cuplettes?

Cuplettes claims to be superior-quality silicone bake-ware that let you make sweet and savory recipes with holes that can be filled with stuffing of your choice. Cuplettes guarantees to let you make unlimited options like chocolate and vanilla cupcake or chocolate chips teacake filled with ice cream easily and right at home.


How does Cuplettes work?

You do not have to be a great chef to make the most delectable desserts and snacks. Cuplettes convinces to let you do it right at home and very easily. All you need to do is fill the cups of Cuplettes ½ to ¾ full with batter, snap the tabs into the patented designed holes and bake. The dough will bloat around the cups of Cuplettes and form a pastry cup that you can fill with the stuffing of your choice. Cuplettes proclaims to be that easy to use.


Yummiest desserts with fillings right at home
If you’re bored of cooking regular snacks and cakes, Cuplettes promises to let you satiate your sweet tooth and please your taste buds with savory delights with unlimited options. Whether you want to make chocolate and vanilla cupcake, chocolate chips teacake filled with ice cream or pizza cupcake and chicken taco cup, Cuplettes proclaims to let you make it all. Cuplettes emphasizes to be so easy to use that even kids can make fill the stuffing. A big gang enjoying a game at home, kiddie birthday party or family dinner, Cuplettes proclaims that you can make snacks and desserts in big batches easily. Make personalized cupcakes or pizza cakes for each individual at a party as the makers of Cuplettes assert. The silicone material of Cuplettes makes it non-stick and Cuplettes claims to be dishwasher safe so cleaning Cuplettes is a breeze. Cuplettes also guarantees to be BPA-free so they pose no health hazard.


What Do I Get?

  • You can buy 2 Cuplettes Multi- Color Set (3 trays of 4 cups totaling 12 individual cups) for $14.99 plus $9.90 P&H.
  • Official website:
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