Booty Blanket Review

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What is Booty Blanket?

Booty Blanket proclaims to be an innovative blanket that will eliminate the problem of your blanket leaving your feet freezing during winters. Booty Blanket asserts that its special design of warm and fuzzy booties on the bottom will keep your feet covered even when you sleep. Booty Blanket claims that one size fits all.


How does Booty Blanket work?

Getting fuzzy warmth in winters is easy as Booty Blanket proclaims since it keeps your feet covered just like the rest of your body. Booty Blanket assures that you just need to slip on the booties on the bottom and cover yourself up with the blanket. Booty Blanket asserts that you can stretch your feet up on the sofa or walk around while keeping your feet saved from the cold floor. Booty Blanket guarantees to have thick fleece that is stain resistant and machine washable for easy cleaning and durability.


Blanket with booties to keep you warm from head to toe
Just the thought of wintry nights gives you cold feet, literally because while your blanket is warm, it slips off your feet and you need to keep pulling it up all the time. But the new blanket Booty Blanket promises that you’ll be warm right down to your toes without the need to adjust your blanket. Booty Blanket emphasizes that the booties on the bottom will keep you covered all the time no matter how much you move. Booty Blanket asserts that it is great for outdoor trips, sitting in the patio on a cold day or even long drives. Hopping around in it for some girly fun is also possible as the promoters of Booty Blanket assure. Booty Blanket also guarantees that you do not have to fight with your partner for your share of the blanket.


  • You can get Two Booty Blanket, in your choice of Gray, Cream or Brown, for $14.99 plus $15.98 S&H.
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