Crimpwich 2018 REVIEWS

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About Crimpwich

Crimpwich claims to be an easy to use kitchen device designed to cut, crimp, and seal for perfect crustless pocket sandwiches. Simply cut, crimp, and seal your sandwich with a twist of the wrist. Is it really that easy to use? We can attest this only once we analyze Crimpwich user reviews.


Crimpwich CLAIMS

Place your sandwich on the cutting board and then Crimpwich emphasizes that when placed over the sandwich the edges get trimmed off with just a twist of the wrist. Does Crimpwich really work as promised? Crimpwich reviews will soon reveal the facts.

You can use Crimpwch to steam, fry, toast, microwave, boil, or bake anything you want and Crimpwich promises to cut, crimp, and seal everything you make! Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Crimpwich is reviewed.

It also alleges to be perfect to crimp flatbreads, doughs, and pastas for pizza pockets, ravioli, empanadas and more! This claim can be substantiated once users review Crimpwich.

Crimpwich asserts to make a dozen Crimpwiches with just one loaf of bread. We wouldn’t believe these claims until we look at and analyze Crimpwich reviews.

Dishwasher safe – Crimpwich guarantees to be dishwasher safe making clean-up a breeze!

Crimpwich Review

Dana Garner says in her Crimpwich review that it takes some maneuvering to get what you want and it tends to break edges of bread, regardless of type or freshness / moistness levels.

Alexandra Curtis complains in her Crimpwich review that it doesn’t do a great job sealing.

Lindsey Ingram says in her review of the Crimpwich that it is not worth it and it barely works.

Blanche Weaver tried the Crimpwich and claims in her review- “It’s very flimsy and the center piece that you push down to seal and cut the bread is very hard to push to go down. It also doesn’t really “cut” the excess bread. You have to tear that off, making a mess of the whole thing”.

Ann Rhodes writes in her Crimpwich review that it sticks and doesn’t cut the sandwiches cleanly.

Another user, Ruby Ortega tried Crimpwich and says in her review- “If you use plain, thin white bread, it works well but if you use thicker or seeded breads it has a hard time sealing”.

In her review of Crimpwich Janice Ball says- “The crimp part turns out great, but my bread ‘breaks’ every time”

Martha Adams writes in her Crimpwich review- “To make uncrustable-like sandwiches…you have to press on one of the slices of bread with a spoon so the bread doesn’t break when you press after cutting”.

Patty Marsh mentions in her review of Crimpwich that it makes the bread crack and does not put it together.

Gloria Hill claims in her Crimpwich review that it left a black ring on bread every time she used it.

Melissa Edwards complains in her Crimpwich review- “It does not turn out like the uncrustable sandwiches. It does not smash the edges together like it should”.

Crimpwich Questions and Answers

Q. Is Crimpwich dishwasher safe?
A. I assumed it was.

Q. Has anyone used Crimpwich with gluten free bread?
A. Yes, and it works very well.

Q. There used to be two sizes to the seal. Is there still two?
A. No, just this one.

Q. Has anyone made raviolis or pierogis with the Crimpwich? If so did they stay sealed when cooked?
A. Yes, we always use it to make ravioli. It works perfectly. Just make sure to moisten the edges before crimping.

Q. Can anyone tell me what size circle the Crimpwich cuts? What does the A. crimped edge look like? I have in mind making pierogis with it.

Q. The circle is 3 1/2 inches across the middle.
A. There used to be two sizes to the press and seal.

Q. Is this the large one?
A. Yes, this is the large one. It cuts off not much more than the crust.

Our Verdict on Crimpwich

Crimpwich is similar to several sandwich cutters and sealers available in the market. Simply look for sandwich cutters and sealers and you will find a dozen options on Amazon and Google.

The competitor to Crimpwich is the Pampered Chef Cut N Seal that has similar features and is priced at almost the same price. Crimpwich has extremely poor reviews whereas the Pampered Chef Cut N Seal has a rating of 3.9/5 with 143 reviewers. There are a couple of alternatives available to Crimpwich that have similar features and are priced lower.

Teresa Cain who tried the Pampered Chef Cut N Seal says in her review- “It works mostly. If you are looking to make uncrustables then this will get you halfway there. It is designed to press onto the counter, which over stretches the top slice of the bread and often tears it.”

In her review of the Pampered Chef Cut N Seal, Nicole Townsend says that she bought it to make homemade “uncrustables” but it doesn’t work because the seal around the edges doesn’t seal all the way.

Miranda Arnold mentions in her Pampered Chef Cut N Seal review that it makes professional looking sandwiches without the crust. It is great for frozen treats. The operation is very smooth and it is not hard to clean.

Official website: Crimpwich.comcrimpwich

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