Atomic Beam Headlight REVIEW

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About Atomic Beam Headlight

It is an exceptionally bright portable headlight that is ideal for everyday use as well as for emergency situations. Atomic Beam Headlight claims to be the ultimate headlight that’s the brightest, smartest and the most powerful, and can be counted upon for everything anywhere anytime.


Atomic Beam Headlight CLAIMS

Powered by a Mind boggling 5,000 LUX – The makers of Atomic Beam Headlight even liken it to the headlights that are used by the military as it is exceptionally tough and ensures you don’t lose your way and fumble even when it’s dark. According them, Atomic Beam Headlight is powered by 5,000 LUX, which makes it 40 times brighter than regular flashlights.

Versatile Solution you can Count on – According to the makers of Atomic Beam Headlight it is an easy to use, adaptable headlight that can be operated in a number of ways to meet different needs. It comes with three settings, viz. Low Beam, High Beam and Strobe. Besides, the angle of Atomic Beam Headlight is adjustable, so you can get the light to fall wherever you require easily. Since it is hands-free, you can do a lot more while it is on, which makes it very convenient to use.

Atomic Beam Headlight Questions and Answers

Q. Can I use regular batteries in Atomic Beam Headlight?
A: No.

Q. Is the lens of Atomic Beam Headlight adjustable?
A: No.

Q. How long do its batteries last when used on high setting? A. Approximately 2 hours.

Q. Does the band of this headlight fit a bicycle helmet?
A. No, you need to first remove the bands and fix the light and battery pack directly to the helmet.

Q. Does Atomic Beam Headlight come with adjustable focus?
A. No.

Q. Can I zoom the light beam of Atomic Beam Headlight? A: No, the light can be swerved around but cannot be zoomed.

Q. Can I charge Atomic Beam Headlight in an auto lighter?
A. No.

Atomic Beam Headlight Review

Regina Briggs has complained in her Atomic Beam Headlight review that she’s not satisfied with its performance and that its design is totally flawed. To begin with, its switch is situated right on top of the light because of which turns it on and off itself every time it even so much as brushes a surface. That happens even if you keep the Atomic Beam Headlight packed in your bag and don’t use it, which drains your battery. In addition to that, the body of Atomic Beam Headlight is made of plastic and has a thin heatsink due of which its LED can’t be used regularly.

Michael Nichols, another customer who has been using Atomic Beam Headlight, has written in his review of it that though it is bright and flexible, it is a tad too heavy. The batteries of Atomic Beam Headlight also drain very fast and its lenses don’t have an adjustable focus. She says that the location of the charger and the batteries are also not proper.

Brandon Peters has said in his Atomic Beam Headlight reviews that its batteries drain very fast and don’t charge very fast either. Worse, one of its batteries of his unit even arrived in a leaky condition. Also, the lights of his Atomic Beam Headlight unbolted within two months of use and its main lamp doesn’t beam light evenly with proper focus. He’s also noted that although Atomic Beam Headlight shines quite bright he doubts whether its brightness is 5,000 LUX.

What do I get?
2 Atomic Beam Headlights for $29.98 at the Official website:

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