Crank Chop

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What is Crank Chop

It claims to be an amazing kitchen utility tool that helps in chopping food in seconds. It has an extremely powerful blade assembly and a crank handle that helps in controlling the fineness of food been cut.


Crank Shop Features and Benefits

Chopping made easy – Crank Chop promises to be a unique kitchen tool designed to help people chop food in a mere seconds. Although there are no Crank Chop reviews available currently that will confirm the same. Crank Chop states to be a great replacement for bulky food processors that work for the same cause but are costly and not effective. Currently there are no Crank Chop reviews available that we can analyze and prove its claim. Crank Chop assures to chop any type of food in seconds with its impressive and unique design. Whether or not this design is really helpful will be revealed once Crank Chop is reviewed.


Easy to use design – Crank Chop claims to have a design incorporating a blade assembly and a crank handle. Crank Chop alleges to have three blades inside it which are placed at a distance and not stacked directly above each other to ensure a better chopping takes place. At this point of time there are no Crank Chop reviews available that will attest to its claims. Crank Chop proclaims to have a crank handle which is to be cranked by the user. Once the crank action takes place the blade assembly moves and chops the food inside it. This way one can control the fineness of food being chopped inside Crank Chop. Crank Chop does sound highly impressive; Crank Chop reviews will soon expose the truth. Crank Chop convinces to be powerful at its job because its cranking action performs similar to that of 24 knives chopping the ingredient simultaneously. Such farfetched claims by Crank Chop will be validated once users review it.


Exciting features – Crank Chop assures to provide versatility for people who find chopping to be a chore. It helps in creating dishes like salsa, guacamole, sandwich mixtures, coleslaw, etc. in no time. The best part emphasized by Crank Chop is that it can be used for all types of food items including various fruits, meat, vegetables and also ice. Such impressive abilities make Crank Chop a great kitchen tool but will be verified once users review it.

Crank Chop maintains to be completely safe to use since there is a lid that covers the food and there is no contact with the blades whatsoever while it’s in motion. Plus people do not have to put a lot of effort in using Crank Chop as it has an easy to use system. More shall be revealed once users review it. Crank Chop guarantees to be easy to clean with tough, durable exterior which is yet to be proven due to lack of Crank Chop reviews. Crank Chop asserts to have a compact design that can easily save a lot of counter space. Is Crank Chop really this easy and beneficial? Send us your Crank Chop reviews.


What do I get?

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  1. Yvonne Linay | July 28, 2016 at 6:36 am | Reply

    Bought one absolutely love it. As the saying goes BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD.

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