Breville Cold Fountain Pro

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What is Breville Cold Fountain Pro?

Breville Cold Fountain Pro is a juicer that claims to work on cold press technology which transfers less heat while making juices. As a result, the vitamins and minerals lost is considerably reduced thereby retaining the nutrition of the prepared juice. Breville further asserts of the Breville Cold Fountain Pro being up to 8 times faster to prep and juice without compromising on the nutrition level. This is based on an internal comparison test done between Breville BJE825 and Breville BJS600 using apples. It was found that prep and juice time rounded to the nearest 30 second interval. But we’d advice a word of caution. Nowadays almost anything and everything is sold under the name of health benefits, hence we suggest you rather analyse the Breville Cold Fountain Pro reviews and then decided for yourself.


How does Breville Cold Fountain Pro work?

Based on independent laboratory test commissioned by Breville done by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute, the makers of Breville Cold Fountain Pro maintain that it works on a ‘Cold Extraction Technology’ that transfers less heat (almost 1 degree Celsius heat transfer). This helps in maximizing the nutrient value of the juice. Plus, the extra wide chute and 10 juicing speeds can handle almost any size of fruits and vegetables. All these claims sound pretty neat in theory but how true they really are can only be judged once the Breville Cold Fountain Pro the reviews arrive.


Extra Wide Feed Chute – The 1.2 Litre Juicer with froth separator has been designed to juice the whole fruit without chopping or slicing. The 25% larger extra wide feed chute (85 mm diameter) easily accommodates bigger fruits or vegetables for that matter. This may sound rather fanciful and only Breville Cold Fountain Pro reviews will reveal it to be true or false.


Variable Speed Control –The fully electronic variable speed dial allows you to precisely control the juicing speed (low speed for soft fruits and high speed for hard fruits) to get the most juice out of every fruit or vegetable.


Micromesh Filter – The Breville Cold Fountain Pro comes with ultra-sharp titanium reinforced cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micromesh filter. The thin mesh claims to reduce the surface area between the fruit and the cup. This filter basket containing almost 40,000 tiny pores can extract up to 20% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers (as per Australian Government National Measurement Institute 2003, 2011). Of course someone will have to vouch for the effectiveness. Why don’t you let us know in your Breville Cold Fountain Pro review?


External Pulp Ejection – The Breville Cold Fountain Pro convinces us that the juice extractor has the capability to automatically eject the dry pulp into a collection basket while juicing. This pulp container has a huge capacity of up to 3 litres which means that you can juice many litres at a time.


Easy to Clean Design – Cleaning a juicer is often the most tedious part of owning one. Breville Cold Fountain Pro guarantees that cleaning will be a cakewalk, because of the smooth, rounded parts that ensure the food doesn’t get trapped. Even the stubborn pulp doesn’t stick to blades, thus making it easier to rinse under the tap. The Breville Cold Fountain Pro also comes with a specially designed scrubbing brush to clean the filter mesh quickly and easily.


Safe and Easy to Use – The premium die-cast housing of Breville Cold Fountain Pro includes a safety lock mechanism which prevents unsafe operation. The back-lit speed feedback lights with fruit speed guide graphics makes it easier to get the juice of your desired consistency.

All said and done, these lofty claims of Breville Cold Fountain Pro surely does raise our expectations from a juicer, but does it really deliver as promised is a question better left to Breville Cold Fountain Pro user reviews.


What do I get?

Get the Breville Cold Fountain Pro Juicer for $499.95 at Official Breville website

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