Colorama Coloring Book Review

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What is Colorama Coloring Book

– It claims to be a coloring book that comes with 100 gorgeous designs that are so exquisite that coloring them can be a very good stress buster activity. It relaxes the mind and can be used as a supplement to boost creativity using colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors and even crayons.

Creative relaxing therapy

Colorama Coloring Book claims to be very good for unwinding after a long day and create something wonderful. This claim can be only believed once Colorama Coloring Book user reviews are analyzed. Colorama Coloring Book assures to be great for kids because they love filling colors and can spend hours doing so. But Colorama Coloring Book promises to have other benefits, too. How far that is true can be verified by Colorama Coloring Book reviews. Colorama Coloring Book alleges to bring the simplicity of creatively filling colors in appealing designs, relaxing the mind and soothing the nerves. Whether Colorama Coloring Book really soothes the nerves can be only attested once users review Colorama Coloring Book.

Appealing Designs

Colorama Coloring Book promises to help bust stress and uses some extremely amazing designs for that. These designs in Colorama Coloring Book are allegedly different from regular ones but there are no Colorama Coloring Book reviews to back this claim. Colorama Coloring Book asserts to provide these designs in a unique way and are tested to have amazing formation that when colored upon will look fabulous. How well these designs are laid out and are they easy to fill? Colorama Coloring Book user reviews will reveal the facts soon. Colorama Coloring Book states to offer a total of 100 exquisite designs that are printed on one-side acid-free paper. How good this paper for coloring is still subject to the Colorama Coloring Book user reviews.

Fill with anything

Colorama Coloring Book assures that there is no restriction to the type of color to be used with it. Colorama Coloring Book declares that it is universally designed to support all types of colors like colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors and even crayons. Plus one can fill Colorama Coloring Book with endless colors making so many different combinations to make it a piece of art. Do all these colors work and look good with the designs? Colorama Coloring Book user reviews will reveal soon. Colorama Coloring Book asserts that one can fill the designs easily as a great activity. Colorama Coloring Book reviews will reveal whether this is true. Once Colorama Coloring Book designs are filled it can be framed and displayed as an artwork. Although such fancy claims can be attested only once Colorama Coloring Book is reviewed.

For all ages

Colorama Coloring Book assures to work great for kids as a coloring book where they would learn to fill in great designs. But majorly Colorama Coloring Book guarantees to help people of any age who want to end their tensed days with an art activity. Have you used Colorama Coloring Book and felt the difference? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

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3 Comments on "Colorama Coloring Book Review"

  1. They had these when I was a child, back before there where laptops and desktop computers. They where simple black and white drawings you could color with whatever medium that pleased you most. Crayons, color ink markers, color pencils and even watercolor painting.
    Back then they where called “coloring books” and had about fifty pages and cost about a dollar. Are you freakin kidding me?!! $12 for one MEASLY coloring book with just acid trip designs?! Back in the day, you got pictures of virtually everything you wanted, at a reasonable price (.99 cents) not $12 plus tax! Holy #$@%! Just go to a JoAnn’s or any arts and crafts store, hell even the dollar store and buy stacks of these for pennies on the dollar! This company is ripping you offbut if you are to lazy to look around, the be ripped off! By the way! I have some property in Disney Land I’d like to sell you!
    Are you kidding me!? When did Americans become so stupid they would buy a coloring book for $12! Lmao! Morons! Have at it!
    Its no wonder this country is in such trouble!

  2. Great book but maybe include a pencil sharpener????

  3. Stephanie perez | July 3, 2015 at 1:31 am | Reply

    I think that I should buy two,if the other one is finish. So i will like to buy two. I also want to thank them for puting it on tv

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