TouCan Can Opener

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About TouCan Can Opener

TouCan Can Opener claims to be an amazing solution that helps in opening up cans very easily. TouCan Can Opener asserts to do away with the struggle of opening a can whether it is cola or beer can. The alleged easy-to-use design with a blade assembly of the opener is perfect for even removing bottle caps and break seals on jar makes it a great help in the kitchen or on-the-go.



How does it work

TouCan Can Opener promises to be extremely easy to use and can be handled by anyone. TouCan Can Opener alleges that to open a can it should be attached to the can and the power button is to be pressed. Once this happens, the blade on TouCan Can Opener clamps the lid from the outside and slowly goes around the can’s circumference. TouCan Can Opener convinces to stay locked on the lid with the help of its on-board magnet that adheres to the lid and ensures that it doesn’t fall into the can as it is removed. This makes it easy to reuse the can lids also as they don’t fall into the can and get covered in food.


Toucan Can Opener Review

A reviewer Betty writes that Toucan Can is the worst can opener. The can opener failed to open a single can and she had to use her old can opener. Another user Lisa writes in her review that the can opener worked just once. She bought it to help her partner open the can with ease since they have a disability with one hand. Even though the first can opened without any effort, the subsequent cans would just not open rendering the can opener useless. Yet another reviewer of Toucan Can, Gene, says that they wouldn’t recommend it to anyone since it’s the worst can opener that does not open a single can and only spins once set on the can. One user Yancy reviews that she bought three can openers but none of them worked. One didn’t cut all the way through and another just sat there and clicked. The third one didn’t even turn on even though they replaced the battery with a new one making them believe that they overpaid for the opener.

Not well made – Terrance who used Toucan Can Opener complained in his review that though the idea behind the product is good it is not well executed and there are numerous problems that arise. It wears out after some time and just spins without doing anything. Changing batteries did not help. Even after cutting the side edge of the lid the magnet doesn’t lift the lid of the cans. Also canning companies use a rubbery and sticky substance to seal the lids, which means you have to use both thumbs to push up the lid hard and out. Overall he thinks it was too much effort for a product that he had paid good money for.

Toucan Can Opener doesn’t work – Don who bought Toucan Can Opener exposed in his review that it doesn’t work at all. He followed the instructions exactly but it just didn’t work. Now he just wants to return it and get his money back.

It’s quite dangerous – Karen who reviewed Toucan Can Opener revealed in her review that it doesn’t do the job it is meant to. It also started spinning after a few uses and was completely hopeless. But the worst part for her was that it started shaving off the metal from the inside of the tin and that can be very dangerous.

Toucan Can Opener is useless – Lana who used Toucan Can Opener exposed in her review that she tried three of these openers but none of them worked. She thinks the product is completely useless and a waste of your money.


Benefits of using it

TouCan Can Opener states to be extremely beneficial when it comes to using it by people having arthritis or hand or joint pain. It basically takes away the struggle of using the arm’s strength and automates the whole process. TouCan Can Opener declares that it opens the can in just few seconds and has the capacity of about two times more power than other automatic can openers that are available. TouCan Can Opener assures to not get stuck along the way and help in reducing the risks of can spilling that occurs a lot of times while opening it up manually.

Universal opener

proclaiming to be perfect for all sizes of cans, TouCan Can Opener can be used for opening smallest of cans that may contain fish or pet food with extreme precision. TouCan Can Opener also promises to work for medium-sized cans that contain vegetables, soup, sauce, stew and more. TouCan Can Opener claims to even open large-sized cans that can come with juices, diced peaches, etc. very effectively. TouCan Can Opener emphasizes that its use is not limited to can and can be used to open bottle caps and also seals on jar lids.


Exceptional Design and Features

TouCan Can Opener asserts to be better than any other manual or automatic can opener on the market. Its eye-catching and bold design with black and white color goes very well with any type of kitchen design. The compact design is good enough to stow away in any kitchen drawer when not in need. Despite its size the power button on it is kept large enough so that there is no problem in finding and using it. TouCan Can Opener guarantees to be very friendly for cleaning as its blade can be easily detached and can be placed in a dishwasher.


What do I get?

Please see official website


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19 Comments on "TouCan Can Opener"

  1. jfiesherbear | March 23, 2017 at 6:33 pm | Reply

    I bought 2 of them on the 2 for 19.99 offer. there is an extra Fee so they aren’t really 2 for 19.99.They both opened 1 can going around 2 to 3 times. After that they opened a coupleof can @ 7 times around and now they won’t open any can.Should have sent them back but now I have put it off for too long. The thery is great and I know hand can openers that work this way, but Toucan does not work.

  2. Laura Vander Wees | June 3, 2016 at 3:05 pm | Reply

    I found a sliver of metal in my food . The first time I thought maybe it was in the meat ,but the second time it happened I realized it was
    shavings from the can of soup .I am going to bring it in to the store but do not want another one.It should be taken off the market as is very unsafe especially for children

  3. My toucan never opened a can. I have had a One Touch Opener that works like a charm I got this for a gift for our summer camping due to my arthritis but what a Waste of money. Don’t bother.

  4. My toucan worked once and will no longer work. I filed a complaint with PayPal.

  5. Should have read these comments before I spent my money on the TouCan. It doesn’t work. Got it to work one time, but then after try after try, it won’t work.

    Piece of junk, how do I get my money back?


  7. kathryn McGillivray | December 29, 2015 at 5:53 pm | Reply

    I bought the Black and White Toucan can opener. I saw metal shavings the second time I used it. I have no idea if there were any shavings the first time because I didn’t look to see. The 2nd time I saw them because I had to pry the top out. I went back to Wal Mart but I could not get my $$ back w/o a receipt, but they would replace it. So I called the company shown on the box. I talked to a woman and she made arrangements to Refund my money plus they let me have something from their products at value of $25.00. Also they sent a box to return the opener. But I first sent them the Can with metal shavings taped in place, marked each one with a marker and I took Pictures of the areas of shavings. I did get $$ money refunded w/o tax. I did get my $25.00 product and I returned the opener along with the can, top with shavings held in place. In a couple stores they are not on shelves but not sure if Pulled from shelves or were sold. If I see them in any store I will write letters to local news papers to the Editor. This product IS A Danger. In one store I wrote on the boxes This Is Dangerous Metal Shavings from it. They stayed on shelves a long time then new added n pushed in back and I brought them to the front

  8. WE SHOULD ALL FILE A LAWSUIT JOINT for them to take this product off the market . It doesn’t work at all on numerous size and types of cans

  9. The toucan is a worthless piece of junk !!! Bought one .. new batteries …. all it did was sit on top of the can and make a click… noise and did nothing …..DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PLASTIC JUNK….Wasted $20.00 … complete ripoff…

  10. my receipt says 100% guaranteed.I want my money back. I bought 4 and one worked for about 2 weeks then it just sat on the can and made noise wouldn’t move or anything. all the other 3 started out doing this they never worked. Also when I bought mine the commercial said buy one and you’ll get two for the price of one, not so. I was charged $19.99 for each of them and then $19.99 for another and $9.99 for the second of the 4. total $69.98 what a shame.

  11. Good idea but wears out quickly. Cut lids at first, wore out, sits and spins after less than 30 cans, even with new batteries. Also, after cutting the side edge of the lids, the magnet will not lift the lids off the cans. TV add fakes that part. Must use both thumbs to push up hard on the top side edge of the can to unseal the lid because canning companies use a rubbery, sticky substance to seal the lid when it is pressed onto the can. I would try another one of these can openers, but there are far too many bad reviews all over the Internet about spinning in place, not cutting.


  12. Donald Haynes | October 8, 2015 at 6:42 pm | Reply

    I ordered one of your openers, and it does not work….it makes a noise and slides…..would like to return and get my money back.

    Donald e-mail

  13. The Toucan does not work. It starts cutting, but does not get very far before it starts spinning. When it’s spinning, it starts shaving the metal on the inside of the lid. I got cut with the shavings and then was concerned that the metal shavings would get in the food.

  14. worst can opener I ever had. Does not open a single can. Sets there and spins. Do not recommend this

  15. I bought your canopener about a month iago in fact I bought three of them—none of them work. One of them doesnt cut all the way through another just sits tthere and clicks and the third one wont ev even turn on. I bought a new battery ffor it and it is still dead. I paid over

    • Did you see metal shavings so fine that if eaten you wouldn’t know it til you had problems and no idea you had baby fine metal shavings in you. This needs to be off the market. Mine would work but dangerous to have.

  16. Is the battery compartment accessible at the top of the opener or on the bottom that makes contact with the can.

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