Clever Carry Purse Review | RFID Blocking Purse Exposed

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What is Clever Carry

Clever Carry is a chic, cross-body, RFID blocking purse. The Clever Carry infomercial claims that this new stylish purse blocks RFID scanning and protects you from identity theft. In this Clever Carry review we will make an extensive investigation into the claims and reveal the worthiness of Clever Carry purse.


How does Clever Carry work?

The Clever Carry website claims that the cyber thieves are now using compact pocket RFID scanners to scan through your purses and wallets to steal your credit card, passport and driver license info. The Clever Carry purse features 6 credit card slots with RFID-safe foil lining. It also has two interior compartments for keys, lipsticks and phone. The Clever Carry purse also comes with a zippered coin pocket and removable straps. The Clever Carry purse is made from Leatherette (artificial leather) and has a magnetic closure that claims to keep everything safe inside. The Clever Carry purse comes in 4 colors: black, beige, blue and coral.


Clever Carry Dimensions:
4 1/8″ W
5 3/4″ H
2 1/4″ D


Clever Carry Purse Exposed

Now lets investigate the claims, the biggest selling point of the Clever Carry purse is the “RFID blocking” feature. We have RFID blocking wallets for men, Now All Products Group (APG), a prominent As Seen On TV Company has come up with a RFID blocking purse for women. The question is; Do you really need a RFID blocking purse?. Suman Reddy in her Clever Carry review reveal that these RFID blocking wallets and purses are nothing but hoaxes forged by these telemarketers to sell frightened people all these gadgets. She explain that it is impossible to steal information from your credit cards and passports unless you keep the scanning device just a few centimeters away from the cards. The risk of your ID theft with RFID is very slim, she says.

Pauline makes a very important point in her review, she says the dimensions of the Clever Carry purse needs to be bigger than your Smartphone, better check this before ordering. She doesn’t think it can carry iPad or iPhone 6 or other similar-sized phones.

Jamie in her review discloses the fact that As Seen On TV purses are known for their poor quality especially the seam and zipper. The Clever Carry website doesn’t show a closeup of the zipper and seam, these are the main problem areas of any purse and the manufacturer should shed more light on these issues and let the buyers know that they have worked on these issues. She thinks Clever Carry is made in CHINA.

According to the Clever Carry review by Samantha the purse is priced at $27.85, she says these RFID blocking purses are available for under $20 at most retail outlets and have 4+ ratings at, BedBathandBeyond, CVS, Walmart, so why go for this Clever Carry Purse which does not offer any value.

Shelly points out the malpractices used by the manufacturer in her Clever Carry review. She says the ordering process is designed to suck out as much money from the customer as possible. First you do not have option to buy just 1 Clever Carry purse, you have to buy a set of 2. Second, the options to buy more purses is deliberately put there so people, unaware of the fact that they are ordering multiple “sets” and not “units” of the Clever Carry purse, end up buying more than what they need. The customer ends up paying $28 for each set.

Ruby mentions in her review that these products are often backordered.


Conclusion and Recommendations

There is nothing special about the Clever Carry Purse, As Samantha stressed in her review there are tons of such RFID blocking purses available at reliable retailers online and offline, it is wiser to buy from them then

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