Slide Sharp Knife Review | Sharpener inside the Sheath

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What is Slide Sharp

Slide Sharp is an innovative kitchen knife from Telebrands that comes with its own custom sheath that has a built-in knife sharpener. The Slide Sharp infomercial at claims that with just one swipe the knife comes out sharp like a razor. In this Review will investigate all the claims made by the Slide Sharp knife and find out if it really works.

Interestingly Telebrands had a similar knife with the name Sharpware Knife, it seems Slide Share is the same knife with a new name.


How does the Slide Sharp Knife Work

The Slide Sharp commercial starts with a lady trying to cut tomatoes with a dull knife and creates a mess of the whole thing another lady gets her finger cut while slicing a beagle. This is a pretty lame video, people aren’t that stupid. These telemarketers need to understand that they cannot fool people with these silly ideas and need to work on the quality of the video content.

Anyways the Self-Sharpening Slide Sharp knife is truly a new product in the AS SEEN ON TV category; we haven’t seen such a product in the past. It does look promising.

The infomercial claims that the knife sharpens itself for life, just slide it in and slide it out and you have a razor sharp edge that slices celery, cucumbers, carrots, cabbages, onions, meats, cheese, beagle and bread. The Slide Sharp knife comes with a custom grip non-slip handle. And non stick handle means cheese and meat does not stick to the knife. The Sheath features a safety lock that holds the knife securely inside, just press the button to release.


Sharp-Tek Technology
The Slide Sharp secret is a sci-fi sounding term “Sharp-Tek” Technology (another high-sounding word to fool gullible Americans). The Slide Sharp sheath has a “v” shaped sharpener, as you slide the knife in, it claims to apply the correct pressure on the knife to sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously, each time you slide out and slide in the knife.

The Slide Sharp knife is custom built from Tempered Steel and claims to never become dull. They further claim that the Slide Sharp knife is so sharp that you won’t need a cutting board.


Now let’s investigate the claims

“Slide In and Slide Out for a razor sharp edge every time” – Ryan Scott does not believe this claim, he mentions in his review that sharpening a knife blade using an abrasive requires precision application of different pressures and you cannot get the desired results by just sliding out and sliding in the knife in the sheath. Razor sharp edge forever is a very far-fetched and overrated marketing tagline.

Kelly mentions that this Slide Share knife is nothing new and she has seen sheaths with built-in sharpeners at flea markets and gun shows and are available for $10-$20. She points out that the Slide Sharp will require extra force to pull out of the sheath.

Richard Barry a Vietnam war veteran tells in his review that knife with sharpening sheath is nothing new, and that his Bayonets has one. He says it helps to keep the sharpness of the knife edge last longer between REAL sharpening sessions. He points out that there is absolutely no knife that will not require sharpening at all. So this claim of Slide Sharp gets busted here, though the “v” sharpener in the sheath will maintain the sharpness for a longer period, still you will have to sharpen the Sharp Edge knife the traditional way.

Polly complains in her review that tempered (hardened) steel breaks if forced to be bent and it is brittle and stiff. Though it is has an advantage of being wear resistant.


So should you Buy the Slide Sharp Knife

Based on the review above you need to make an informed decision about buying the Slide Sharp knife. We think it is nothing more than a regular kitchen knife with some fancy sharpening sheath that won’t work as claimed and over a period of time. Though it may not be all that sharp everytime, we don’t think it is a total waste. You get three knives for $16.98. If you decide to return you still pay $7 to ship it back. We are not sure if the knives are in stock.

The Slide Sharp knife is available at only.

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