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Bumper Shield

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What is Bumper Shield?
Bumper Shield is a license plate cover that helps to protect your car from low
impact collisions.

You can use Bumper Shield to protect your vehicle repeatedly from low impact
collisions, according to its claims. It is supposed to be made of flexible high
compression rubber, which promises to absorb shock on impact.

By using Bumper Shield, you can avoid bulky protectors that make your car look
bad. Other protectors could also be time consuming to install.

Your car could face simple hazards, such as while parking, in traffic or even when
parked in your garage. You could bump into another car on the road or another
car can collide with yours. Your car could also be damaged when parked on the
street or in your garage. Every day you could face damages from simple collisions
on the road or while parking. It could cost you a lot of money in insurance and repairs. According to its claims, Bumper Shield is a first ever license plate cover that claims to protect your car as well as the other car from damages that can occur due to low impact collisions.

Bumper Shield promises to protect your car from these minor hazards saving
you money. It is supposed to shield your car from scratches. The flexible high
compression rubber absorbs the shock from collisions, so they claim. This way,
your car will always be protected from minor impacts.

The sleek design of the Bumper Shield makes it undetectable as a protector. It simply replaces your existing license plate. You can use it to protect your car’s appearance every day. It supposedly comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee as well.

Installing it is easy

It is very simple and easy to install Bumper Shield on your car. Just remove the existing license plate cover. Then, replace it with Bumper Shield.

Features of Bumper Shield

• sleek design

• shock absorbent

• easy to install

• flexible high compression rubber

• protects your car

• saves money on low impact collisions

• unconditional lifetime guarantee included

What do I get?
Two sets of Bumper Shield
Price – $19.99 + $15.98 P&H Total amount $35.97. Official website getbumpershield.com

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