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Buntastic video


What is Buntastic
It offers you a way to do perfect squats so that you get perfect buns. Buntastic promises to help you get on with over 50 exercises so that you can get into a great shape, especially your booty. You might have been working out for long but your booty remains a problem area. It makes you feel inhibited and you often tend to cover it with a sweatshirt. But wouldn’t you like to be comfortable wearing a swimsuit and skinny jeans rather than hiding behind baggy clothes every time? Buntastic assures you that you can do just that and flaunt your gorgeous booty.


Buntastic is easy to follow
There are workouts that claim to help you shape your booty. But you have to follow them for hours and they are quite tricky as well. However if you have a door and a floor you can get started with Buntastic. The best way to get your booty into good shape is by doing squat exercises. Thanks to Buntastic you can do squats that are not only easier for you now but more effective as well. And while you do those squats your back can get good support, just like having your personal trainer.

Buntastic: The design is a highlight

It has bungee cords, which guide you back up when you are performing your squats. Thus you won’t be struggling keeping up with this all important exercise anymore. And once you start getting stronger you can also use higher resistance bands and it means the intensity of your workout will be boosted as well. And that’s why Buntastic makes sense for beginners and experts alike.

Buntastic is extremely versatile

While you burn fat and get sculpted buns there are many other exercises you can follow with it. From chest exercises to child pose, abs roll out, arms and rear lunges, Buntastic is like having 12 to 15 exercise machines all rolled into one. And with more than 50 exercises on offer, it claims to give you a lot more than tighter, toned and great looking buns.

What do I get?Price
you will get (1) Buntastic Deluxe Model for just $169.99 +$24.99 P&H.Official website getbuntastic.com

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