BlueZone TV Headphones REVIEW

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What is BlueZone TV Headphones

As per the infomercial it is Bluetooth speakers embedded in a super-soft headband that can be used with TV, smartphones, tablets and computers.



BlueZone TV Headphone REVIEW

Samuel Larsen who used the BlueZone TV Headphone complains in his review – “battery does not stay charged for more than a few hours. The charging port on headset is hard to get to because knit covering gets in the way. Finally the red light that indicates the BlueZone TV Headphone is charging does not always light up. BlueZone TV Headphone is still a work in progress but not recommended until battery lasts longer.”

Lisa Brown reveals in her BlueZone TV Headphone review“It seems like the BlueZone TV Headphone is one-size-fits-all. Given this, if you have an exceptionally small or large head, BlueZone TV Headphone might not work well or be very comfortable. This is especially pertinent if you’re thinking about purchasing the BlueZone TV Headphone for a child.”

John Bratton comments in his review“Though the BlueZone TV Headphone is marketed as a potential solution for dealing with noises like snoring, it does not feature true noise cancelling technology. This would require additional hardware, resulting in decreased comfort and a higher cost, so the only actual noise blocking capabilities lie in the production of competing audio.

Russel Mayfield complains in his review “BlueZone TV Headphone was hard to connect on Bluetooth and volume was totally inadequate. The Bluetooth transmitter doesn’t hold the charge.”

Morgan Waver says in his BlueZone TV Headphone review – “Only the right side of the BlueZone TV Headphone worked and that was very low volume at max. BlueZone TV Headphone is comfortable; but messes one’s hair. Overall the BlueZone TV Headphone is too complicated.”

Richard Bettman mentions in his review“The headband itself is a little snug and adjusting the little speakers to stay over your ears and the little volume control box within the headband is a pain, especially when you have to pull the little box out every day to recharge it.”

Christian Barkley complains in his BlueZone TV Headphone review“The cord that comes with the BlueZone TV Headphone is awful. The band shifts all around your head (poor fit) as you sleep, which defeats the purpose entirely. BlueZone TV Headphone are not noise cancelling Headphone. The title is totally misleading. They may “mask” ambient noise if you crank up the volume enough on the device feeding the Headphone, but that’s not the principle behind noise cancellation.”

Clyde Johnson who reviewed BlueZone TV Headphone says – “BlueZone TV Headphone is not sound proof. It is so warm you can’t put it for more than 30 minutes because of the heart and finally it’s too tight which makes it uncomfortable.”

Ryan Thorn mentions in his review”BlueZone TV Headphone is a great idea with poor execution. It does not cancel any noise. Also the speaker is not adjustable to the ear. You have to press on it to experience good sound.”

David Lyon complains“Headband is not adjustable and speakers are not comfortable to lay on. They are wired backwards with the sound appearing in the left ear when it should have been in the right ear.”

Michelle Davis mentions in her review“The Headphone inside are free floating so as you are lying in bed, if you accidentally pull one of the cables the Headphone will move around inside the headband and become unaligned with your ears. You then have to reach in a tiny opening in the material and try to realign them. The cable is very short and makes it hard to put your cell phone on your nightstand without the cable being pulled tight. Also, the fleece material was actually very hot.”

Adam Powell says in his BlueZone TV Headphone review“The material used is not color-fast. This headband has ruined several pillow cases. The speakers are great, but the headband loses its elasticity after about 1 month.”


BlueZone TV Headphones Claims

TV watching made easy – BlueZone TV Headphones convinces to help late night TV watchers as they will not disturb anyone with these unique wireless headphones. The ultra-thin band can be used to even lie down with ease and connects to a TV via Bluetooth transmitter. How great are these BlueZone TV Headphones will be only proved once we receive user reviews to analyze its claims.

Impressive design – BlueZone TV Headphones promises to be comfortable as it is made of super soft headband made out of breathable, machine washable fabric. BlueZone TV Headphones assure to provide high quality surround sound output, receive audio wireless for up to 30 feet, have volume controls embedded, and need a recharge after 12 hours of use. It declares to be great for laptops, phones, and tablets too. Currently there are no BlueZone TV Headphones reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


What do I get?

  • 2 BlueZone Headphones

Price: $39.99 + $6.99 P&H | Official website:

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