EZ Up Seat Assist REVIEW

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What is EZ Up Seat Assist

As per the infomercial it is a self-powered seat assist that helps people gently sit and stand up from any chair independently without any assistance.



EZ Up Seat Assist Customer REVIEWS

Michael Gabriel in his EZ Up Seat Assist review says, “It may be a good innovation but it’s not for me. I find it difficult to stand after being seated in it for long. It’s not very comfortable in design as it resulted in back ache. It just remains flat and rises up only if it’s pushed manually. EZ Up Seat Assist doesn’t do whatever its makers claim.”

Charles Talbot complains in his EZ Up Seat Assist review, “EZ UP is is too small to settle comfortably in. It fits poorly on a standard sofa seat. Those who have health issues or elderly won’t be able to sit on EZ Up Seat Assist for over an hour. Not an effective product.”

Martha Knorr reveals in her EZ Up Seat Assist review, “I bought EZ Up Seat Assist for my mother. She’s weak and sits for 10 hours a day. Well, EZ Up Seat Assist didn’t help her at all. The cushion wouldn’t help her rise up from the chair easily. She’s not comfortable in it, so we’re planning to return it.”

Judy Dugan a EZ UP Seat Assist user mention in her review, “EZ Up Seat Assist is effective only if you’re seated on it for a prolonged time. It doesn’t fold down and stay flat. EZ Up Seat Assist is too feeble and its velcro catch also snaps off when the seat is folded. Not a concrete solution.”

Samantha Winters complains in her EZ Up Seat Assist feedback“EZ UP Seat Assist works well only on the chair shown in the advertisement. Case of smart (and misleading) advertising. EZ Up Seat Assist didn’t fit my couch or any seat at home and office. It’s useless.”

Kimberly McPeak in her EZ UP Seat Assist review claims, “EZ Up Seat Assist is very expensive. It’s not compatible with all chairs, armchairs, sofas and recliners. I can’t sit on EZ Up Seat Assist comfortably for more than an hour. If I don’t hold on to the side of the chair while rising, it feels as if my balance will be lost. Feels awful.”

Jonathon Peterson reveals in his review“My Mum likes to sit in the recliner, so I bought EZ Up Seat Assist for her. Initially, she found it comfortable, but its bar, which adjusts the seating position, kept coming out of the slot. That made getting up difficult as the seat wouldn’t lift. She doesn’t want to use EZ Up Seat Assist now, and I totally understand her position. And I doubt I will get a refund as it’s been used.”

Daniel Chase complains in his EZ Up Seat Assist review“My Dad’s nearing 90, so I purchased EZ Up Seat Assist for him. But it doesn’t fit his seat and starts shaking when he tries to flatten it. I don’t think anyone who’s frail like my Dad can use EZ Up Seat Assist. Totally worthless.”

Douglas Covington mentions in his review that EZ Up Seat Assist is heavy and bumpy. You gotta be a WWE hunk to settle in it. Jokes apart, EZ Up Seat Assist doesn’t do what it’s supposed to and is very uncomfortable. And it doesn’t seem durable. Its seat spring has already given in and it’s also difficult to fold it. You need to be really energetic to use EZ Up Seat Assist.

Richard McCullen is not impressed by the EZ UP Seat Assist, in his review he says – “My Dad’s legs are not very strong, and he’s quite thin. He didn’t feel comfortable using EZ Up Seat Assist. It elevates the seat too high and its cushion doesn’t cover the seating area completely. It didn’t function properly even when it was on the lighter weight setting. He’s unwilling to use EZ Up Seat Assist, so I’m returning it.”

Donald Evonitz is not happy with his purchase of EZ UP Seat Assist, he complains“If you have plans to buy EZ Up Seat Assist, junk it. When I placed it on my recliner, it was really uncomfortable and was tilting dangerously ahead. Take it from me, padded cushions are far better and safer than EZ Up Seat Assist.”

Charles Simmons says in his review – “The quality of the foam used in EZ Up Seat Assist is substandard. I’ve used it for about five months and the foam is already ripped at corners. It looks shabby and also feels uncomfortable. The only thing that’s alright about EZ Up Seat Assist is its simple weight adjustment feature.”

“EZ Up Seat Assist only fits my Grandpa’s wheelchair. But its foam is visible at the edges and is also eroding at the back. It’s been just a few weeks and it’s already giving problems. I’m disappointed.” – Christopher Santora

Edward Allen complains in his review“When I sat on EZ Up Seat Assist, it plonked in with a jerk. It’s a bit too high for a normal size chair. That’s an issue for me. Planning to return EZ Up Seat Assist.”


EZ Up Seat Assist Claims

Stay independent – EZ Up Seat Assist declares to be the simplest and most effective solution powered with hydro-pneumatic spring technology to help everyone to raise from standing position and gently lower to sitting position. EZ Up Seat Assist guarantees to be completely automatic and self-powered. So far there are no EZ Up Seat Assist reviews that can be analyzed to ascertain its claims.

Feature rich solution – EZ Up Seat Assist guarantees to be great for elders, people with injuries, arthritis patients and patients with knee issues. EZ Up Seat Assist alleges to be portable enough to carry around, works on any chair, couch or car seat and adjusts per the users weight. The ergonomic memory foam cushion is comfortable for long hours and maintains to have machine washable cover. More shall be revealed once users review EZ Up Seat Assist.


What do I get?
EZ UP Seat Assist is available ONLY at the official website BuyEZUP.com for $59.85 + $9.95 S/h.

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