Airman Review

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What is Airman:

He is the cool, mean machine that promises to give you all the RC airplanes flying fun and thrills with real RC airplane controls.
Airman is not a bird or an airplane; he is the cool flying maverick who can take your breath away. Who doesn’t love their flying machines; after all you love the edge of the seat excitement and the thrills you get. They also offer you an opportunity to show off your skills and what better way to do that than let the Airman soar, faster than a speeding bullet and leap over tall buildings in a single bound, according to its claims.


How does Airman for real RC airplane fun work?

Airman for real RC airplane fun
Airman asserts that now you can have the real deal that you expect out of RC airplanes and what’s more, with real cool controls. From the throttle to directions and altitude, you get to control it all and be in charge of things. Airman also emphasizes on the fact that you can program the transmitter to up to 16 different channels. Thus you will be able to fly more than one airman at the same time. The good news is that it is very easy to fly for beginners as well.


Airman and brilliant features it has
One of the highlights of the Airman is that doesn’t require any assembly as it ready to fly out of the box. It has a 200 feet range and twin propellers give it the necessary power. Airman states that it is made from lightweight, foam infused material, which makes it quite durable and sturdy. On board rechargeable lithium battery and the ability to recharge from the transmitter is an added advantage. You can fly it on your own or have air wars with friends and have a lot of fun, according to its claims.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get an Airman for $39.99 plus $9.95 P&H.
  • Official website:
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