Big Mouth Masks Review

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What is Big Mouth Masks

As per the infomercial of Big Mouth Masks, it claims to be a mask with a moving mouth template that will make you bring life to any party or gathering with funny face mask and mouth movements.


How does Big Mouth Masks work?

Mask yourself for some real fun
Big Mouth Masks guarantee to let you make your friends and family laugh by wearing just about anyone’s face mask for fun. Big Mouth Masks maintains that you can be anyone you want, yourself, a friend or even your parent or your favorite animal, cartoon character or even a celebrity to take their place and have fun. Big Mouth Masks claims to be so easy to use. All you need to is choose a picture on your computer, edit it, print it out and attach it to the moving Big Mouth Mask template and control the movements of the mouth with the one-touch wire control with a button.


Fun party ideas
Whether it is a selfie or a character for Halloween’s party, a surprise party where everyone looks like the birthday girl or boy, flash mob or prank at workplace, Big Mouth Masks assures that fun ideas are unlimited with the kit making it perfect for holidays and parties. Participate in a variety show or just enliven a pool party with funny impersonation of a star, a baby’s face on a beefy guy, an old woman’s face on a man’s body to become popular as claimed by Big Mouth Masks. You will have unlimited options with the Big Mouth Masks kit’s photo paper sheets, sticky strips and also access to the website to create your fun mask.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two Big Mouth Masks making kit for $14.99 + $13.98P&H.
  • Official website:
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