80 Day Obsession vs A Little Obsessed

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Compare what is it?

80 Day Obsession – A new streamable workout program with a meal plan designed for advanced exercisers who want to build their strength and lean out their fattest abs.

A Little Obsessed – A simple 5 workout system designed for beginner to intermediate levels with each workout 30 minutes long.


What to expect?

80 Day Obsession – It features 80 unique workouts aimed for experienced exercisers. It includes total body workouts using weights, compound exercises, and plyo. The program includes 3 phases that last about a month each and help you sculpt and tone your complete body.

A Little Obsessed – The workout feels a bit disjointed as several moves have almost nothing to do with the core but it is an effective thirty minute session targeting the backside. The weights are appropriate and moves are energizing. With numerous leg lifts and squats it is a powerful workout.


Compare Exercises

80 Day Obsession
Total Body Core (60 minutes) – Total body workout using compound movements to increase your strength from head to toe.

Booty (60 minutes) – A workout designed with isolated movements to help shape a toned butt.

Cardio Core (30-45 minutes) – Interval training to boost your heart rate and challenge your core.

AAA (50-60 minutes) – Strength workouts targeting your arms, abs and a#*.

Legs (45 Minutes) – Focused moves for your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Cardio Flow (30-45 minutes) – An endurance workout to blast a ton of calories.

2 Bonus Workouts – Not on the calendar but you can use them anytime for an extended stretch routine.

Roll and Release (20 minutes)
Stretch and Release (15 minutes)


A Little Obsessed
Booty – Thirty minutes targeting the backside, appropriate weights and awesome moves with lots of leg lifts and squats to tone your backside.

Abs, arms and a*# – Presses and rows are the main exercises for the arm section and there are sliding plates for additional work to lying down leg moves.

Cardio Core – Features running, jumping jacks, skipping and a little low impact pylo. It also has leg lifts with loop bands and a few planks.

Legs – With weights and strength plates this workout means a lot more business.


What body parts does it target?

80 Day Obsession – A total body workout targeting your legs, arms, abs, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and butt.

A Little Obsessed – Booty, abs, arms and a*#, core and legs.


How hard is it?

80 Day Obsession
A lot of hard work is required but you will be training like a fitness competitor and will be working with a super trainer to get maximum results.

A Little Obsessed
It is an easy to do workout, with women in general who will prefer this workout than men.


Compare Equipment used

80 Day Obsession

• Dumbbells (light, medium and heavy)
• Strength Slides
• 3 Resistance Loops
• Floor Mat (Optional)
• Foam Roller (Optional)


A Little Obsessed
• Yoga Mat
• Resistance Loops
• Strength Slides
• Dumbbells


Does it help you lose weight?

80 Day Obsession – Yes

A Little Obsessed – Yes


When to expect the results?
80 Day Obsession – Gives you maximum results each week of the program.

A Little Obsessed – After 3 months


Compare Schedule

80 Day Obsession – Workout 6 days a week for 45-60 minutes for a period of 13 weeks with Sunday as a rest day.

A Little Obsessed – 30 minute workout sessions with a 5 workout system for 5 days.


Is it for women?

80 Day Obsession and A Little Obsessed – Yes


Can older people do it?
80 Day Obsession and A Little Obsessed – Nope, hard for old people.


Is it suited for skinny people?

80 Day Obsession – No

A Little Obsessed – No


Who is it for?
80 Day Obsession
It is for people who want to:
• Build a leaner, shredded body
• Add curves without bulking up
• Get flat abs
• Get an intense workout at home

A Little Obsessed
It is for those looking for a fat loss program and not a muscle gain one.


Compare Session Duration
80 Day Obsession – 45-60 minutes

A Little Obsessed – 30 minutes


Compare Pros and Cons

80 Day Obsession Pros

Margie Taylor says that the programs are great but would love for them to be available as a DVD system as well.

80 Day Obsession Cons

John Palmer says- “Until now, the first and second week of the workouts is the same so it is unique as being advertised”.

Paul Richardson states that she is really interested in this program but her streaming capability does not allow here to participate. She is disappointed there is no DVD option”.


A Little Obsessed Pros

Helen Lewis says- “I just started ALO yesterday but from what I gathered, it’s not supposed to be a full-on workout; as it’s supposed to be preparation (easier) than the real deal: 80 day obsession. And being that I’m out of shape currently, I really appreciate the slower pace”.


A Little Obsessed Cons

Rick Knight says he was a little disappointed that there was no post-production, because while it was originally streamed live, there was a solid 2-3 weeks between the livestream and the permanent release. He also says the bands and sliders are a little overused. Why do renegade rows with a band when you can use dumbbells, for instance? Then again, on some exercises they did have value”.

Alex Webb says- “The leg workout is indeed a killer, and had me hobbling for a few days. I’m used to doing Body Beast at a modified 10-8-6 rep count, so doing 15 reps on each leg for everything was killer, even using the lighter weights. As a guy, I agree there’s not enough upper body work here to keep me interested. The two total body routines are the only time they get hit, and they very well could have done an all-upper body workout in place of AAA”.

Courtney Scott says- “The timer bar and soundtrack were left off because it was recorded and streamed live….so there was no productions”.



A Little Obsessed is easier to do than the 80 Day Obsession and also requires less equipment than the 80 Day Obsession with both requiring the same amount of space to workout.

A Little Obsessed is a fat loss program but does nothing to improve muscle gain whereas the 80 Day Obsession gives you maximum results with each workout and helps with weight loss as well as muscle gain.
Both the workout programs are priced at $99 a year.

The 80 Day Obsession program helps you build muscles in your legs, arms, abs, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and butt and the A Little Obsessed program is a fat loss program but does nothing much to improve muscle gain.

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