Twinkle Play Tents REVIEW and Verdict

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About Twinkle Play Tents

Twinkle Play Tents are magical play tents that light up with music and sound. Enter a magical world where the tent interacts with you. The tent lights up when you enter it. The top of the tent has a starlight that display lights in different colors. The colorful lights on Twinkle Play Tents dance, change, twinkle and react to your voice and music.

Sounds and light auto shut off when there is no movement inside Twinkle Play Tents. Twinkle Play Tents come in two inspiring styles – Princess Palace and Dragon Lair. It fits into a carry case that can be easily stored.


Twinkle Play Tents


Twinkle Play Tents Questions and Answers

Q. I need instructions to set it up. Help!
A. We had the same problem and couldn’t set it up due to missing pieces.

Q. Can Twinkle Play Tents be washed? If yes, then how can the fabric be washed.
A. You could use a damp cloth to wipe it down to clean the tent. Machine washing may rip the fabric.

Q. Can you easily dismantle this tent?
A. Yes. The Twinkle Tent is easy to dismantle.

Q. Do Twinkle Play Tents come with the rug and lights?
A. It does come with the lights. The rug is not included.

Q. Do the star lights come with this product or are they sold separately?
A. The star lights come with the product.

Q. Are Twinkle Play Tents small for a 7-year-old child?
A. Yes. It was small for my 4-year-old child.

Q. Will a toddler bed fit inside the tent?
A. No. A toddler bed will not fit inside it.


Twinkle Play Tents Review


Twinkle Play Tents are awesome. They look good. Putting them up is quite easy.



Twinkle Play Tents are not easy to assemble according to some users. The directions given are not easy to follow and the quality is questionable too. The instructions given seem to be translated from another language.

The lights work on batteries only. Twinkle Play Tents are not made of sturdy plastic. The plastic rods break easily and fall apart. The fabric on the tents is thin and tears easily. Users have reported that the lights do not work. The product seems to be fragile. The sticks break within a short period of time. The connectors for the poles break easily too. One user reported that a child was able to break the poles from the top.

The star lights don’t always stay on. Overall Twinkle Play Tents are smaller than they look.


What do I get?
Choose from:

  • Princes Palace
  • OR
  • Dragon LAIR

Price: $39.99 + $8.99 P&H at the official website:


Twinkle Play Tents Verdict

Play Tents for kids is not a new concept and thus Twinkle Play Tents are not the only one selling such tents. What makes Twinkle Play Tents standout from other is the dancing lights but if we go by the reviews Twinkle Play Tents quite failed to impress the buyers owing to the quality of the product delivered as opposed to have claimed.

Hence we suggest you to look for more options on amazon or any other known online selling sites before buying Twinkle Play Tents. There are many themed tents available and one such is Tentrix Kids Play Tent – Prince/Princess Castle Tent which we recommend you in place of the former. They have it made in blue color for prince and pink for princess. It consists of glow in the dark star and flashlight for kids all for $23.81 which is quite cheaper that Twinle Play Tents. It is featured as amazon’s choice product in this category gathering 4.3 star ratings on an average with 43 customer reviews. If your kid like a space themed tent than you can go for ALPIKA Space Castle Play Tent for $29.99 that is still affordable and has got on an average 4.9 star ratings.

But if your child is fascinated by the dancing light than you can surely go for Twinkle Play Tents but since we as customer seek quality and best value for our money we would recommend you to get the dancing light separately and install it in your kids tent giving you an affordable, good quality Play Tent.

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