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What is Wonder Wallet

As Seen On TV company Permission Interactive has launched a new leather Wallet that they claim holds 8 cards, it’s called the Wonder Wallet, In this Wonder Wallet review you will learn whether Wonder Wallet is really worth the hype or is it just another as seen on tv fraud. This Wonder Wallet review will help you make an informed decision before buying it.

How does Wonder Wallet work?

Wonder Wallet declares that it is made of premium and genuine leather, which makes the wallet flex so that you can even sit on it comfortably. It promises to have style and substance as Wonder Wallet convinces to have a slim and stylish design that easily fits into your front or back pant pocket and even a small handbag. Not just organizing your cash and cards, Wonder Wallet maintains to also protect you from identity theft since it has an RFID blocker preventing remote scanning of card information. With all these functions, Wonder Wallet guarantees to cost just a fraction of a traditional wallet.

Claims to be the slimmest wallet – Wonder Wallet states to be an ultra thin wallet that’s half the size of a traditional wallet but can hold twice the amount of stuff. With this feature it promises to do away with the bulk in the wallet that causes discomfort when you sit and wastes your time when you fumble through all the stuff in your stuffed wallet. Wonder Wallet asserts to have 12 clear sleeves that can hold as many as 24 cards such as credit and debit cards and ids. It proclaims to lay the cards out like a photo album so that everything will be visible at a glance and you will always find the right card when you need it. Wonder Wallet alleges to have a cash compartment so that it can hold everything you need and keep it handy while fitting into your purse or pocket without adding bulk.

Let’s Analyze the Wonder Wallet claims

“Revolutionary new wallet holds twice as many cards”

They claim the unique feature of the Wonder Wallet is that it holds 2x more cards than the regular wallets. This is evident from the video and the graphics on the website and we think it does really score a point here.

Twice as Thin as other wallets

Wonder Wallet infomercial claims that it is twice as thin as the other wallets, this claims looks like far-fetched and misleading, probably they mean it is thin when it’s empty. Any wallet is going to get fat when you put stuff inside it. So don’t expect the Wonder Wallet to remain thin even with cards inside.

Fits conveniently in purses, handbags and clutches

Nothing new about this claim and it really looks foolish that they use such ideas to promote their wallet. Any wallet of this size is going to fit in your purse, handbag, clutches and pockets.

Keeps your card highly visible, allowing you to grab any card

This claim is attested by the Wonder Wallet video and presentation on their website BuyWonderWallet.com. You can just flip open the wallet and pull out any card you want in a snap, Unlike the regular wallets you don’t have to go through each of them to find the one you need. The Wonder Wallet does score a point here too.

Includes RFID Blocking technology

They don’t actually reveal what shielding material is used in the Wonder Wallet. This crucial missing information puts some dark shadows over this RFID blocking claim and we cannot be sure of it. They should have done a demo or something to prove it. Many customers who have used similar RFID blocking wallets like the Wonder Wallet have complained in their reviews that the RFID blocking feature diminishes with time. Some customers feel that the RFID blocking feature is just a marketing hype to further scare the chicken hearted gullible Americans and that this feature is totally useless.

Unrevealed Wonder Wallet info

They don’t tell you how many pockets the Wonder Wallet actually has? From the graphics you can make out it can hold 8 cards but does it have extra pockets to keep bills? They don’t mention the dimensions of the Wonder Wallet which some potential buyers may like to know.

Wonder Wallet REVIEW

One customer Judy, who bought Wonder Wallet complains that while purchasing, the site kept asking for an upgrade with a discounted price which the customer bought. Upon receiving Wonder Wallet, the customer compared it to another wallet which wasn’t upgraded and found no difference. Plus, the cost of shipping and handling was too much and equal to the wallet’s cost. The customer warns others that Wonder Wallet is a scam. Joanne, another customer who bought Wonder Wallet also complains similarly about it being a scam. Design wise the pockets are pretty small. In fact, the pockets do not even accommodate the driver’s license in it and can be a trouble getting it out once pushed in. Even credit cards did not fit in nicely. The customer care of Wonder Wallet kept arguing instead of helping. Upon request of a refund, they wouldn’t agree to pay the postage and also not return the shipping and handling charges.

A customer, Terry, who was about to buy Wonder Wallet read between the lines. The customer reveals that the wallet comes with malicious Privacy Policy which lets them share, sell or trade personal information of the customer with third parties. Also it automatically subscribes to annual subscription of People Magazine without intimating the customer. This means the credit card is charged more than what the wallet is worth in the first place. Joe, another customer who used Wonder Wallet says that it is not a value for money wallet. It just fell apart and is completely worthless. There are no inserts on the leather and its size maybe the only benefit. The customer warns from falling into the trap of free wallet, aluminium foil insert, 24 inserts and 30-day money back guarantee. One other customer, Roy, who also bought Wonder Wallet reveals that it there is no way of finding out how well the RFID blocking really works. In fact, it might be a completely scam to fool people into purchasing it. Instead, the customer suggests purchasing a regular wallet and inserting a 27micron thick aluminium foil to match the promises made by Wonder Wallet.

What do I get?

Get 2 Wonder Wallets for $19.95 + $11.90 S/h. Official website: GetWonderWallet.com

Compare Wonder Wallet with Lock Wallet.

71 Comments on "Wonder Wallet Review | Is WonderWallet.com Exaggerated"

  1. Sharon Wichman | January 25, 2019 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    I bought one of these wallets also and they have the slot openings in the wrong place. They are on one side of the wallet and when you tip the wallet the other direction your cards fall out all the time. Several times I also lost my drivers licence or debit card and a few time my store credit card. They should have put the slit openings on the inside of the wallet so nothing can fall out. So, until they change that particular problem I would say, DON’T BUY THIS WALLET!!!

  2. The chicken hearted gullible Americans? Really? That is an interesting description of 350 million people. And what brave hearted wisdom packed country are you from friend?

  3. do not order wonder from this web sit i did sent me a confirmation email to check status April 10 it tells me they can’t find the order call the 800 # leave message multiple times no response back. did not charge credit card yet.If call the 800# all computerized they give you a service # with an extension # use ext they say does not exist.

  4. Jeremy Stewart | May 4, 2016 at 7:31 am | Reply

    I don’t have one, but I’m just saying its a really stupid design because there’s no coin slot. Also the people on the adds are just actors, so I wouldn’t believe a thing they’re saying or in the product their selling. Cause it’s most likely just a scam

  5. Kathryn Shell | April 26, 2016 at 8:03 am | Reply

    Cheap fake leather. Hard and rough to the touch on the edges. I agree, It is scam advertising.

  6. I bought one for my Mother and one for myself. We both thought “what a great wallet” at first. BUT!!!! The slots get stretched out when you put cards in it and your cards will fall out and get lost if you’re not paying attention. It’s a nice idea – but after using it for about a week – I decided I rather keep my cards with me and not on the floor of some store.

  7. I loved this so much I bought one for my son. It worked great and I really enjoyed until the plastic inserts broke loose. After 3 weeks use my son tossed his and I tried to work with mine until the individual sheets started tearing out and I was afraid of losing a set of credit cards. Very poor quality and design of the plastic holders.

  8. My cards are slipping out some of the slots. One sleeve can fit two cards in it. The problem with that is, once the sleeve is stretched and you leave only one card in it. That one card will slide out. I don’t feel the cards are tightly secured enough.

  9. My sister bought me a wonder wallet it seems pretty good, however do not open and close to much the inside unit that holds the credit card is made of very cheap plastic and will break, mine did and sent all my cards onto the floor at the store. the company for wonder wallet will not send a new inside unit for the credit cards. so buyer be where the product DOES NOT hold up to being used. I have the proof. Now I must use a rubber band to keep everything together.

  10. pay with cc i disputed that miracle grass last year after i watered it every day but it come up very spotty they said send it all back containers and well give you all except the shipping costs,,i just contacted my cc co they took it all off ad i didnt send anything back

  11. VERY POOR quality, the folders broke out after one month. I do not recommend it.

  12. The plastic filler that holds the cards broke from the center of the wallet after owning the wallet 6 months. I like the wallet and attempted to talk with a customer service representative by phone so I could order replacement fillers. Wonder Wallet website is set up to sell wallets only via computer voice. Customer service is computerized for questions about an existing order only and could not talk with a customer service representative. If there is a way to talk with a live person at Wonder Wallet, I would like to know so I can explore ordering new fillers.

  13. The plastic filler that holds the cards broke from the center of the wallet after owning the wallet 6 months. I like the wallet and attempted to talk with a customer service representative by phone so I could order a replacement fillers. Wonder Wallet is set up to sell wallets only, could not talk with a customer service rep, and the routing of my calls were by voice computer about buying only. I have a low opinion of mgt of Wonder Wallet.

    • My plastic filler broke as well…so falls out constantly…they also become stretched so cards often fall out of the sleeves…I won’t pay for new inserts and will never buy another Wonder Wallet.

  14. I ordered two Wonder Wallets. I have never received anything from them – Not even one

  15. Purchased the wallet for myself. Pockets for cards were tight to hold two. After a month, the pockets ripped apart for the part that holds them in place! Not a product I would recommend. My wallets have usually lasted several years no a single month!!

  16. Been reading the reviews….most speak against this wallet.. i was about to order when I though…wait, check out some reviews. Glad I did. Will wait to see it in a store first.

  17. Thanks for the fabulous comments and evaluations. You just saved me from wasting time, money and aggravation.

  18. The wallet we received from Amazon did not have a place for bills. Useless.

  19. My question is why did the price from one hour to the next??? I was watching a movie, the ad came on and looked pretty good. I was still thinking about it and decided i would buy one during the next ad. It was offered at $10 and get 2 wallets. Then the next time it came on, to my surprise, it cost $19 fot 2. Why did the price change?? This along with the reviews are making me think this through again. AND DO NOT USE MY INFORMATION FOR 3RD PARTY EITHER


  21. I purchased 2 of these wallets as Christmas presents & was very disappointed !!
    They are longer than a regular wallet & do not fit into a man’s pants pocket !
    Although ,they may protect your cards from being scanned – someone can easily just pick it out of your pocket !
    Waste of money !!
    Taking them back to the store !!
    It doesn’t get even 1 star from me !!

    • Margaret Shewchuk | February 6, 2016 at 6:48 pm | Reply

      It does say on the commercial that it is a women’s wallet

      • Margaret Shewchuk the commercial says nothing about the wonder wallet is a women’s wallet. It even shows 3 males interviewed and giving there opinion on it so right there it tells you that it’s for men but of course women can purchase one as well.

  22. there are a lot of good wallets out there. this one seems to be a pain in the ass. however, everyone seems to be missing the point of this wallet. it is an RFID blocking wallet according to the manufacturer. how do we know the efficiency of the RFID blocking, if it works at all. my opinion is that this is nothing but a scam, including the current buzz word, RFID, that less than honest companies seem to be throwing around. you should do yourself a favor by not buying from these companies. go out and buy a nice quality wallet. then put some 27 micron thick aluminum foil (Reynolds heavy duty wrap) in your wallet to block RFID devices. you may need a double layer of foil.

  23. Wonder wallet has got to be the worst wallet I have ever owned, It is hard to get cards out of the plastic holders, It holds so many cards because it is so huge,

  24. Virginia Comer | November 2, 2015 at 9:03 pm | Reply

    I bought two wallets. I do not like it at all. If you aren’t careful, the cards will fall out. I would not buy this again.

  25. I fell for the aluminum foil insert for RFID, I fell for the buy one get one free, I fell for an insert you cannot get anywhere that is accordianed at the top, I fell for 24 inserts and one card won’t logically fit in a slot, I fell for the 30 day money back guarantee when my plastic liner fell apart in 50 days. I do like the size but there are no other inserts in the leather and it is totally worthless with the fallen apart filler. I have my second wallet now that is brand new until it falls apart. Don’t waste your money on this one.


  27. Stephen Jacobs | October 4, 2015 at 11:10 pm | Reply

    Thank you for all these reviews…I was just about ready to order two off of the TV ad and now wouln’t touch it under any circumstances. I may look at it when tt comes to Walmart so I can “kick the tires” before purchasing.

  28. Very good product. Highly recommended. Well made peice of garbage.

  29. These scammers got my elderly mother on the phone and used the fast talk, 2 for 1 special pitch and said they would add in a $50 gift card to Walmart, no charge for Shipping, on and on. In the end, she received 8 wallets in assorted colors and they charged her $127!!! No gift card and the wallets look like cheap plastic. They need to be charged with Fraud!

  30. Thanks a bunch for the reviews. Was putting in website to order wallet for my daddy. No longer need to go to website… What kind of daughter would I be buying my daddy a scam for his 82nd birthday. A shopping elsewhere I will gooooooooooo.. 🙂

  31. This is definitely a scam! I was looking through the website when the screen on my tablet went blank. Looked at my bank records and I had been charged for a purchase I didn’t make. Immediately called my bank and they were present on the call when I tried to cancel the order. I was told I couldn’t cancel the order until it was processed and shipped. They could charge my bank account but couldn’t cancel the order? Total scam!!!!! If my bank hadn’t have been on the phone with me, I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten the minimal response I received.

  32. What a SCAM!……….Don’t fall for this. This is a scam site for suckers!!!..

  33. What I want to know is what became of all those receipts, lists and multitude of other pieces of paper that most of the women shown in those commercials also had in their old wallets. Seems to me that they are now carrying two wallets instead of one — one for the credit cards and cash and one for all of the other papers. The commercials never show what happened to all of the extra stuff.

    • Your very last statement, ” Unrevealed Info. ” is the MAIN reason I will not order the wallet. They tell you it holds,bills,bhange,etc. BUT it does not show it. As women, we need to be able to see what it is we are purchasing to help us decide. Their review gets, Three stars from me, and a NO SALE.
      As for Your site, this light color font, is disrespectful of people like me, who are Legally Blind in one eye, and Low Vision in the other eye. It is very hard to see such LIGHT writing. I will not even strain my eyes to try to read the comments. You get _1 star from me for all people like me, and NO I am not a Senior

    • Good catch!

  34. Just wait as this is new and it will be available in a store that sells As Seen On TV and you will be able to check it out before you buy. That is what I usually do

  35. I pick up that it was SCAM right way. You never never ever carry your SSI Card in a wallet. That the easiest way to lose your ID. It is like giving every Criminal access to your credit!!!

  36. mitch schips | July 18, 2015 at 11:20 pm | Reply

    Thank you for the reviews, wont order from them. You just saved me bucks and aggravation.

  37. I bought the Wonder Wallet online. I love it. My old leather wallet was like a brick with a rubber band around it. All of my cars fit in the Wonder Wallet. Yes, there were some “traps” in ordering online but I just declined on all the requests and upgrades. The shipping costs were a little high and yes — they seemed to make it hard to return. $20 got me two, one for me and one for my son. Perhaps you can try to find it in stores to see what it feels and looks like.

  38. No one has mentioned the Privacy Policy: “3.1 We may share, sell or trade your Personal Information gathered online with third parties,. We may contribute to or participate in cooperative databases, which give other companies access to such Personal Information.” Or: “Included with your purchase is a 30 issue, 1 year subscription to People magazine, a $30 value.” Click HERE for offer and refund details. I don’t want ad’s piling into my email or “free” magazines (that renew automatically on my credit card). I like the design of this wallet but not the scam. I changed my mind after reading the Privacy Policy. I would rather buy a wallet at the mall with cash. I’m not interested in companies who are collecting and sharing my personal information or throwing in magazines I do not even know I am ordering!

  39. I concur with Jordan I started to order, as well, but after reading reviews decided to go to Burlington. Thanks to everyone!

  40. Joanne Darrow | July 14, 2015 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    This is a scam! I’m kicking myself for being taken in. The pockets are too small – my driver’s license barely fit and then I had trouble getting it out. Getting credit cards out is a hassle. When I called the Customer Service number the rep argued with me and kept offering me more. She said it will take 4 – 6 weeks to process the refund and they won’t pay return postage or return my 11.95 processing & handling fees. Just a rip-off!!!

  41. Be careful when ordering online, say no to all upgrades, not worth it. Don’t call that number after you order that’s just a SCAM . They want you to think you can get a discount on your order but what they really want is to try and double talk you into a program that cost you more money. BEWARE!!!BEWARE!!! Don’t fall for the okey doke!!!!!!

  42. Try the Allette, wallet. I’ve used one for years, have 16+ cards in it and it is barely 1/2″ thick. They make one of leather and one with spinicker cloth (very thin sail cloth) that is thinner than the leather. Won’t use another type of wallet, ever again.

  43. Actually, it says on the commercial that the wonder wallet has a back pocket for cash! Pretty great idea if you ask me
    Was looking for a wallet just like this

  44. They claim the plastic holders are new. I remember wallets with plastic holders for cards and pictures when I was growing up. They were not attached to the wallet, they had a plastic attachment so they could be slipped in the wallet like a check book. You could also buy these holders in the amount you needed from 8 to 24. I still have some in my drawer full of stuff. The only thing new about this wallet seems to be the RFID protection if it really works.

  45. kevin clifford | July 5, 2015 at 12:58 am | Reply

    My question is. ..where do you put cash?

  46. Carla M Bethel | July 4, 2015 at 5:48 pm | Reply

    I bought the Wonder Wallet, and I am very happy with the product!! Very easy to find the card I need, and they are easy to get in and out of the pockets. My male roommate took the other one and loves it, too. It fits easily in his pocket, and he loves the design and ease of getting his cards out of the wallet.

  47. I just ordered one I hope I didn’t make a mistake after I read the comments. But I’ll find out.

  48. Bruce Jordan | July 4, 2015 at 9:17 am | Reply

    Would like to thank everyone for their comments. I was about to purchase then I read your reviews. I’ll stick with Ebay and the selection that’s on there. I truly appreciate the assistance you all gave me.

    • Hi Bruce,

      Ditto! Have learned invaluable information from others who post comments online. The commercial came on as it did a month ago when I was on my way to a cruise. I didn’t buy then because of the nagging 6th sense we all have. Once agIn it looks great, but thought I would research to see if their was something comparable. The fact that you fees to get or return the Waw are so high, almost the cost of the purchase…no thanks. Genuine leather not able to verify? No thanks. My sincere appreciation for the great comments…I think I’ll pass also, and stick with Amazon or Ebay. At least they provide accurate info.

      • we are a sellerer from China ,we have store in amazon .we sell many kinds men and women wallet, clutch .

  49. BILL GORDON | July 3, 2015 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    “Scanners” who have figured out the best way to deal with gullible victims is “let them argue with a machine”! Shipping & Handling plus the cost of “return postage” prevents one from returning the substandard item. Thumbs Down. I will not interact with an automated message machine.

    • BILL GORDON | July 3, 2015 at 7:41 pm | Reply

      “SCAMMERS”, not Scanners (smart phone changes words on it’s on. So much for automation).

  50. I bought this wallet on line. I hate carrying purses and I can never find their right card when I need it. I was completely finished the order or so I thought, when I was asked if I wanted to up grade the leather of both wallets, for ten bucks each. I declined but then I was asked if I wanted to upgrade the leather for five bucks! I did but it was a big mistake! A friend ordered the Wonder wallet and declined the upgrade, and we compared. THERE WAS NO DIFFERENCE!
    Also, I agree with the other writer who said it costs all most as much for shipping and “handling” as it does for the wallets! I got scammed!

  51. Gerri De Lucca | July 2, 2015 at 2:15 pm | Reply

    This sucks!!

    Can’t even get the cards in the slots and 24 is not as many as you’d think. Of course they got me again, decided it wasn’t worth returning, should have gone to Walgreens to look at it first. Useless!!!

  52. Shop at your local mall. You can see what you are actually buying at probably a cheaper price as well

  53. Robert Bitter | June 30, 2015 at 6:07 pm | Reply

    The shipping fee on this product is nearly as much as the product itself and is a turn off for me

    • David Snyder | July 17, 2015 at 3:06 pm | Reply

      ANYTIME when you get , Buy one and get one free, you can AUTOMATICALLY just double the price for one. This applies to ANYTHING in this category!!!

  54. Andrews Donkor | June 8, 2015 at 11:19 am | Reply

    I want men wallet black i also want to
    Use money order

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