Wonder Core Deluxe

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What is Wonder Core Deluxe – Wonder Core Deluxe is an improved abdominal device to acquire toned abs through its patented dual resistance design and special training system.


Get amazing and tight abs effortlessly!

Wonder Core Deluxe promises to provide you the perfect abdominal training system for incredible abs without endless sweating. Wonder Core Deluxe is a renewed version of the exercise device for special abdominal training system as its manufacturers put it, which yield best results without going through backbreaking sit-ups and exercises.


Just sit back while working out

Using Wonder Core Deluxe seems easy as the makers of the device instruct that you need to just lean back and work out instead of toiling and suffering. It tones lower abs, buttocks and thighs to provide the perfectly versatile and painless workout experience.


Patented dual resistance design for power-packed parallel exercise position

The manufacturers of Wonder Core Deluxe state that it offers its own patented dual resistance design that really works. Unlike regular crunches and exercise techniques that make you work out only in the upward movement the unique design of Wonder Core Deluxe makes you assume a parallel position while exercising. That apparently benefits your entire body from top to bottom. With Wonder Core Deluxe you can get rid of the love handles too as its built-in seat twist works on the oblique muscles.


Halves exercise time- just five minutes a day

Wonder Core Deluxe makes one part of your body arise while the other go down while lying parallel for exercising. That apparently makes for a double workout as you basically train in a down position that results in a parallel doubled effectiveness. Training on Wonder Core Deluxe for just five minutes a day is sufficient for desirable results as you are guaranteed you’ll lose five inches from your waist in two weeks.


Amazing exercise motions and moves

Most big major abdominal devices supposedly offer a limited range of motion moves but Wonder Core Deluxe promises amazing stretch motions that go beyond others’ and ensures maximum contraction movement for the entire core.


Easy on your back

Wonder Core Deluxe exerts no pressure on the back hence even those with back problems can consider it too. More info at TelSell.com.

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  1. How much does the Wonder Core Deluxe cost? do you ship to the Philippines?

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