Tear Doctor Review

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What is Tear Doctor

It is an adhesive that claims to fix different types of tears in just three minutes.

Tear Doctor promises to help you get the most out of your clothes, upholstery, bags and a lot more because you will be able to fix tears within minutes. How annoying is it when you take your favourite dress out of the closet and find that there is a tear in it? You get your winter jacket out during season and find a tear, which can be irritating because you don’t know of any easy way to fix it. Tailors can charge you a lot of money to fix these tears and you just can’t keep replacing your expensive clothes, bags etc on a regular basis. But Tear Doctor asserts that now you won’t have to because you have an adhesive that will fix things for you in a jiffy.

Tear Doctor does the job in three minutes

Tear Doctor maintains that it has an edge over your regular glues because it creates a permanent bond wherever the tear is so that you have a long lasting solution. That’s not the case with the regular glues that might be able to fix things but the problem returns to haunt you within no time. However Tear Doctor asserts that the permanent bond it creates at the point where there is a tear is super tough. Thus you will have a long lasting solution for the tear wherever it might be. What’s more, the bond will also be flexible and soft, according to its claims.

But one of the major advantages of using Tear Doctor is that it does the job in just three minutes. The problem with regular glues is that they take ever so long to do the job and you have to wait for eternity for them to dry so that you can put on that jacket again. However Tear Doctor can be simply applied on the area where there is a tear and it will do the job in three minutes flat, so that you are ready to go.

Tear Doctor is versatile and convenient

Tear Doctor stresses on the fact that it is completely versatile and can be used on different types of fabrics. You can use it on your dresses or denim jackets for that matter. This adhesive can also be used on upholstery or leather; thus your bag and shoes tears are sorted out quite quickly. It can be used on canvas too; Tear Doctor can mend just about anything, from the rip in your upholstered chair to the belt loop. Thus you can add to the longevity of several items in your house and save yourself huge amounts having to replace them frequently.

Tear Doctor emphasizes that it is completely non-toxic, which makes it safe for use by practically anyone in the house. And since it is so easy to use, even the little ones at home can fix their things quickly.

What do I get?

Please see official website teardoctor.com

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