Sunstep By Touch Of Eco Review

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What is Sunstep By Touch Of Eco:

It is an outdoor solar step light that claims to be an eco friendly solution for you.

Sunstep By Touch Of Eco assures you a reliable source of light for your outdoor spaces, which is eco friendly as well. You want to make sure your porches, gardens or driveways are well lit so that there are no darks spots to contend with. But as an environmentally conscious individual, you also want to make sure you are using an eco friendly source of light. That’s what this solar step light claims to be for you. Once we have analyzed Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews we can validate these claims for you.

It’s easy to install

If you have tried to use solar lights for your outdoor spaces you know how tricky they can be. But this light is very easy to install and you can start by mounting it horizontally on any flat surface. You can use the installation accessories that come with the light and get the job done with ease. Your Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews can tell us if it is really easy to install. You will find that the pack contains mounting screws, fasteners and pre-installed rechargeable batteries that can do the job for you. What did you make of these tools for installation? We hope to find out from your Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews.

This eco friendly light claims to be easy to mount on different types of surfaces including side step, gardens, decks and fences. Was that really true in your experience? Why don’t you talk more about it in your Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews?

Works through different weather conditions

For starters this light promises to give you eight hours of light every night. It consists of ultra bright surface mount LEDs and a high performance solar panel, which adds to its performance. Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews are awaited to give us more information about it. The light also has a built in light sensor, which automatically turns on the light at night and the frosted front plate disperses the light evenly. Since there are no cords and wires you don’t have to worry about tripping over them. Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews can tell us more about it. Sunstep By Touch Of Eco reviews can also inform if the light is weatherproof, as it claims.

What Do I Get?

  • Each size comes as a two pack and is just $29.99 for the small, $39.99 for the medium, and $49.99 for the large.
  • Official website:

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