Style Screamer

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What is Style Screamer: It’s a sleek and stylish alarm that will keep your attackers away.


Style Screamer claims to help you feel a lot safer next time you have to drive home late at night or find yourself in a parking lot in the dark. You know these can be pretty scary situations and you are worried about getting attacked at times like these. That’s why you tend to carry a pepper spray or a regular mace with you. But they are bulky, complicated to use and can be tricky too. However Style Screamer claims to be quite effective and work easily to stop your attackers in their tracks.


Style Screamer gets you the attention you need

When you are under attack while you are on the road or in a secluded area, you want to get as much attention to yourself as possible. It can detract attackers and you also get much needed time to escape. It’s this principle that is at work with Style Screamer; it brings you enough attention in such disturbing and intimidating circumstances.


Style Screamer gives out a 130 decibels loud woman’s scream

That’s the highlight of the Style Screamer and this ear piercing scream will not only be heard far and wide, but it will also do the job of scaring away your attackers. It can be easily attached to your keys or purse for that matter and you have your safety system with you wherever you go. Style Screamer is also quite smart looking and that easily camouflages what’s to come in the form of the piercing scream.


Style Screamer is easy to use

For your safety, it’s said that you should carry it attached to your purse or key. If you feel you are under any kind of threat all you have to do is simply pull the tassel of the Style Screamer. One blast and the attacker will be scared away immediately. When you feel safe, you can reattach the tassel and the noise will be quietened.

Style Screamer is said to be your ideal companion for those unprotected late night journeys.


What do I get?

  • 2 Style Screamers
  • 1 $15 As Seen On TV Card from

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website

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