Sponge Hero REVIEW

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What is Sponge Hero?

 It’s a 3-in-one silicone sponge that claims to scrub away stubborn grease, stuck food and grime easily and also works as a scraper and squeegee.

For Squeaky-Clean Dishes, Glassware and even Countertops

Sponge Hero

If you’re fed up of ordinary sponges that give limited results while doing the dishes, Sponge Hero could be just what you need. Sponge Hero, a smartly created sponge with textured silicone design and smart features, guarantees impeccable results while cleaning. Sponge Hero claims to be a pro at cleaning stuck food, grease and also baked-on grime on pots, pans and dishes. Its nylon scraper extracts food stuck on surfaces flawlessly while its special built-in squeegee thrusts food particles off dishes, bowls as well as countertops effortlessly and makes your kitchen space clean, hygienic and shining.

Well-crafted, Long-lasting and Hygienic

Sponge Hero features an exclusive 3-in-1 durable silicone sponge that scrubs and scrapes  deeply stuck food particles thoroughly. It comes with a built-in squeegee that can be used to push food off surfaces to get sparkling results. Being non-abrasive and non-porous, Sponge Hero is also suitable for delicate glassware which you don’t seem so easy to handle and clean. It is also wholly cookware safe and also gentle on non-stick coating. It doesn’t break and tear off and lasts really long even if used for long. Further, Sponge Hero is anti-bacterial and odor-free, which assures you of a wholly hygienic cleaning. Since it is odor-resistant, doing the dishes will be a comfortable, pleasant experience.

Sponge Hero REVIEW

Sponge Hero, according to a number of customers, is good at cleaning plates, cups, etc. that need a quick rinse. However, they are disappointed with it as it is not suitable for scrubbing pots or pans in which you cook. Sponge Hero is not sturdy enough to clean grime deeply, which is something its makers need to note.

Those who use glassware have praised Sponge Hero greatly in their reviews. They say it’s the perfect cleaner for delicate tableware that you need to be exceptionally careful with. Sponge Hero is certainly better than other options

when it comes to cleaning your fine and exotic dinner sets that you pull out for guests.

At the same time, they have also pointed out Sponge Hero is not that effective when it comes to cleaning pots and pans. According to them, Sponge Hero does not do that good a job of removing fat from pans, and folds up to turn into a lump when it dries.

Though Sponge Hero has been designed to maximise ease of use, it does not show much consistency. According to a user who’s been using Sponge Hero for her tableware, the cleaner is quite fragile and softer than it should be. It keeps folding up while being used, so you can’t clean everything with it. She says all she uses Sponge Hero for now is wiping wet plates and bowls. She wonders why she came across this product and went ahead and bought it; she could have used a cheaper and simpler alternative for just wiping things dry.

Many customers have also complained that Sponge Hero is too small to clutch on to properly for cleaning. They say that the sponge keeps falling out of their grip. According to them, doing the dishes with this sponge cleaner will be easier if the manufacturers increase its size.

Another issue highlighted by customer feedback about Sponge Hero is that it doesn’t clean everything flawlessly as expected. One of the customers who loves baking says she bought Sponge Hero specially for cleaning things she uses while baking. However,  it couldn’t remove the stains, and turned into a s mall mound of paper napkins after use. It put her off completely, and now she says she’s completely put off with it.

Some people who have used Sponge Hero for the first time say that it is okay, and that they don’t mind using it. They say that it cleans plates better if they are washed immediately after use. However, they say it should have been bigger than it is as it would have simplified the cleaning procedure. Sponge Hero does not remove everything stuck on it. Cleaning freshly used plates with it is what you can  manage it.

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