Smart Swab Review

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What is it?

Do you use regular cotton swabs to clean the wax from your ears? Too much wax in your ear can obstruct hearing and cause infections too and using regular cotton swabs to extract wax can injure your ear and can be painful. Now it’s time to make the switch to Smart Swab, the new and innovative ear swab.

Smart Swab is a soft spiral ear cleaner that makes the removal of earwax fast and easy, while providing comfort and safety.


How to use Smart Swab

Simply place Smart Swab in your ear, twist in the direction of the arrow and then remove. The soft and flexible tip of the Smart Swab safely extracts the wax without any pain or damage to your ear. Your ear is now clean from uncomfortable earwax.


Safe to use
Unlike ordinary cotton swabs that can go far and can cause pain and discomfort Smart Swab is completely safe to use. The soft spiral head inserts the right distance into the ear so there is no pain or damage to your ear.

Smart Swab is designed to extract ear wax without causing any damage to your ears. Using Smart Swab is the best way to clean your ears both safely and comfortably.


Disposable replaceable tips
Smart Swab comes with disposable touch-free replaceable tips so once you are done simply discard it in the bin without actually touching the tip. It’s that fast and easy.

Order the Smart Swab set today and clean your ears the simple, fast, safe and easy way!


What do I get?
You will get Smart Swab set which includes 16 swabs and 1 handle for $19.99.
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