Sensei Slicer Review

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About Sensei Slicer

Sensei Slicer claims to be a revolutionary chef’s knife that that has the sharpest edge to cut, chop, slice, and dice effortlessly, quickly, and perfectly. The knife assures to be sharp, precise and durable and to make the thinnest slice of fillet to chop a tough skinned like pineapple with the same precision. Sensei Slicer proclaims that it is perfectly weighted and has grip dots to provide better handling and less fatigue. Sensei Slicer also states to have air holes on the blade so that ingredients such as tomatoes won’t stick to it and be easier to clean.


How does it work

What gives Sensei Slicer the cutting edge, literally, is the fact that it is inspired by the centuries old Japanese design. Sensei Slicer proclaims that it is single-beveled and meticulously crafted and sharpened only on one side giving it a 40% sharper edge compared to traditional double-beveled knives. Regular knives are sharpened on both sides, which make them cut dully and weakly but Sensei Slicer maintains that it can carve tough meat as precisely as it can make thin slices of cheese.


The sharpest kitchen knife

The kitchen chore of cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing can be so difficult with traditional knives because you don’t get precise results and have to make several passes on the ingredient before the job is done. But the revolutionary Sensei Slicer asserts that you do not have to go all the way to Japan to get a professional grade chef’s knife and can become a chef right in your kitchen. Sensei Slicer proclaims that it is single-beveled or to be sharpened on only one side so that the sharpest edge is created to cut, slice, and dice effortlessly. The knife alleges to be created like a Japanese chef knife, which has found favor with the Japanese for centuries for its sharpness, precision, and durability. Sensei Slicer promises to be 40% sharper compared to traditional double-beveled knives and thus save a lot of time and effort on prepping for cooking.

Perfectly weighted and balanced

Sensei Slicer convinces that it is weighted just right and has grip dots that increases easy handling and decrease fatigue. With that Sensei Slicer maintains that it is not too heavy to use and lets you use it for longer time without tiring. Also adding to the comfort is its claim that it has integrated air holes so that ingredients, such as tomatoes, won’t stick to the knife making it a breeze to clean. With just one Sensei Slicer you are guaranteed to slice the thinnest fillet that you will be able to see through and chop a tough fruit like pineapple in one go just as precisely. Sensei Slicer declares that it costs just a fraction of similar knives that cost hundreds of dollars. The knife guarantees to be durable and last longer than any traditional knife because of its mirror-finish blade. Sensei Slicer guarantees that it will be the sharpest knives you will ever own or use.


What do I get?

You will get Sensei Slicer for $14.99 plus FREE SHIPPING.Official website

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