Pocket Trollz Review

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What is Pocket Trollz?

Pocket Trollz are little troll dolls that claim to let you wish on no matter what you are asking for. There are dozen different characters of Pocket Trollz available to suit your wishing need right from a rockstar troll, pilot troll to a doctor troll.


How does Pocket Trollz work?

When you want some magic in your life while making a wish, Pocket Trollz assures that you can choose the right Pocket Trollz doll according to your wish, make the wish and squeeze the tummy of Pocket Trollz and hear the magic chime to bring you good luck.


Kids’ lucky little charms to wish upon
Kids are dreamy little people who are always making one wish or another. Where is a wishing well available anymore? But Pocket Trollz assures that your kids now have cute little friends to wish on whenever they want and whatever they wish for. Pocket Trollz states that the kid can make a wish for practically anything, squeeze the tummy of Pocket Trollz doll and listen to the magic chime. Pocket Trollz maintains that there are different characters of the dolls available to wish upon according to your specific wish. Pocket Trollz claims to include Rockstar troll, firefighter troll, veterinarian troll, and many more with different styles and hairdos to choose from.


Even adults can wish upon
Pocket Trollz maintains that not just kids but grownups can make use of lucky little friends. Whether a chef wishing to make the perfect dish every day or a player wishing to make it to the championship, Pocket Trollz asserts to have a doll troll for every occasion. Parents can have fun with Pocket Trollz, as the makers claim, by joining their kids in collecting all the dozen different styles and designs of the dolls. Pocket Trollz emphasize that the collection can grow with its special editions too. Pocket Trollz maintains that kids can play with the dolls or even get assurance during exams and cheer with the Pocket Trollz dolls when they achieve something. Pocket Trollz proclaim to make great gifts for birthdays and other occasions.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll get your choice of Pocket Trollz for $9.99 plus $4.99 S&H.
  • Official website: pockettrollz.com
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