Phone Slicker Review

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What is Phone Slicker

Phone Slicker claims to be a waterproof cell phone case that is see-through and an all-weather phone protection to save your phone from water damage while keeping it fully functional. Phone Slicker convinces to have 3 layers of protection for the phone and fits your entire phone snugly without making it bulky.


How does Phone Slicker Work?

Unlike a regular phone case, Phone Slicker alleges to be designed uniquely to fit around your entire phone perfectly and securely so that it will envelope your phone without adding any extra bulk. Phone Slicker proclaims that you just need to slip the phone inside and seal the zip compartments and adhesive layers. Phone Slicker proclaims to have three-layered protection with 2 zipper lock seals and a full-length adhesive strip that safeguard your phone from water damage. Phone Slicker’s crystal-clear body assures to let you use the phone confidently anywhere and anytime.



All-weather protection for your phone – Water damage is one of the most common reasons for millions of cell phones users spending a lot of money on phone repair ever year, whether ruined by the rain or accidental splashing water by the poolside or on a beach holiday. The waterproof protective cases for cell phones are too bulky, a pain to slip on and too expensive. But Phone Slicker is a crystal-clear casing that promises to let do away with all these hassles while protecting your phone. Phone Slicker states to be a see-through cover that fits around your phone securely without adding extra bulk.


Protects your phone while keeping it fully functional – Phone Slicker declares that it keeps the phone fully functional so that you can swipe, text, call or browse the internet while getting waterproof protection all the time. This kind of stated see-through convenience of Phone Slicker is cannot be brought by your transparent kitchen zip lock storage pouch that makes it cumbersome to use the phone. Phone Slicker promises to let you use your phone with confidence whether you are sweating while riding a bike, lounging on the beach with sand all around or at the poolside or boating with water all around.

Phone Slicker assures to protect your phone in the rain, mud, dirt, or even in the snow. What claims to make Phone Slicker even more convenient is the fact that it is portable and lightweight, and reusable. And Phone Slicker claims to be so affordable that you can keep one in your purse or beach bag, the glove box, tool box or tackle box. Phone Slicker asserts to be available in two custom sizes – for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Phone Slicker assures that you do not have to get a specially-designed case for your phone.


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