Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi

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Compare what is it? Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi

These four devices, Petcube, Furbo, Pawbo, and Petzi, are interactive wireless pet cameras that can help track the pets by viewing them, and interacting with them while being away. All the devices connect with Android and iOS apps designed particularly for these models.

Furbo, Pawbo, and Petzi also have a treat dispenser each that lets the user reward their pets with their favorite snack even when they are not at home.

Petcube and Pawbo have interactive laser games that can be remotely controlled to provide fun and exercise.


Compare Features: Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi

Petcube, Furbo, Pawbo, and Petzi, all four have high-quality cameras that capture everything happening around the pet in a wide angle view. Petcube comes with 1080p HD video quality and 138 degrees wide-angle view. Furbo and Pawbo both have HD 720p video quality with 120 degrees and 130 degrees angle of view. These devices are meant to be connected to the WiFi internet at home and can be remotely operated with the help of their respective apps. These apps work well with Android as well as Apple based iOS tablets and cellphones. Apart from viewing the pets, the devices have microphones that allow the users to interact and talk with their pets with ease. Except for Petcube, the other three systems have the ability to dispense treats as well to remotely make the pets happy and reward them.

Petcube, Furbo, and Pawbo — all three of them come with night vision ability to help users watch the pets in low-light conditions or night without the need to keep the lights on.

Petcube and Pawbo add some fun to the pets’ lives as they can use the built-in human and pet safe laser toy. The laser can be controlled via the phone or can be set to autoplay mode to offer regular exercise and playtime to the pets, to prevent them from getting bored and helping them stay fit.

Petcube comes with automatic sound-detection alerts that offer peace of mind to their owners. An additional cloud video recording service, Petcube Care, can record and rewind videos with 10 or 30 days of history. Petcube has a compact frame in comparison to other devices. It also boasts of an elegant design made using brushed aluminum and bearing curved corners. The high-quality device matches most modern home décor. It can also effectively and easily withstand rough play by pets, thanks to its non-slip bottom and chew-proof cord. It can be set over a flat surface or mounted on a tripod to start monitoring and playing with the pets.

Furbo has a treat tosser along with its dispenser that adds extra amount of fun for pets. It tosses the treat up in the air so that dogs can catch or run after these treats to provide them some healthy exercise. Users can record their own voice and use it as Treat Calling to ready the pets for treating them. It has the capacity to hold up to 30 pieces of treats that last for a long time. The system also has Bark Alerts that send notification to the app the moment a dog barks. Its app is designed in a way that it offers a single tap access to all the options such as the camera icon to take photo and record video for the pets. The microphone icon helps in speaking to the pet directly. The settings are easy to adjust, so anyone can use its apps easily. It conveniently integrates with Facebook, Whatsapp, or LINE to share photos and videos with the option to send them via emails or SMS. Mounting Furbo is pretty easy and the three 3M foam tapes at the bottom provide additional stability. The LED indicator helps in checking if the device is connected to the WiFi system or not.

Pawbo comes with the ability to save the videos and snapshots directly to Dropbox. Its app has the facility to adjust the sound levels and configure it according to the pet’s sensitivity. There are sound effects provided that distract the dogs and provide playful fun to them. There is a bird’s chirping sound that gets their attention for dispensing treats. A doorbell ring plays to alert the pets when the app is opened. The app provides simple instructions on the screen that walks the user through the available controls. Users can easily share pictures and videos straight to social media websites. There are also remote Pawbo Theme Park accessories available that can help in controlling multiple Pawbo cameras and connect up to 8 users simultaneously.

Petzi’s app has a simple system that helps see, speak, snap, or treat the pets. It also offers social media interaction with its easy-to-control app. The system comes with multiple mounting options that can be placed on the floor, a flat surface, hung on a wall, or attached to a vertical post. The treat dispenser can accommodate most treats that are smaller than 1 inch.


Compare Zoom: Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi

Petcube has a 3x digital zoom while Furbo and Pawbo both have 4x digital zoom. No zoom information is available for Petzi.


Compare Product Dimensions: Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi


3 x 3 x 3 inches


5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches


4.4 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches


13.3 x 7.3 x 4.5 inches


Compare What do I get? Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi

No information available


The system comes with the main camera unit, a 7-foot USB cable, power adapter and a quick start guide to help set it up easily and quickly.


It comes with the Pawbo Life pet camera (model no PPC-21CL), a 100~20 volt AC power adapter and a quick start guide for easy setup.


The bundle comprises of Petzi Treat Cam, its 6-foot AC power adapter, a universal mounting kit, sample pet treats and an owner’s manual for instructions of setting and using it.


Compare Price: Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi










Compare Reviews: Petcube vs Furbo vs Pawbo vs Petzi

Petcube REVIEW

Pam Osborne, a Petcube user, asserts in her review that the system never worked properly. It looks chic but actually has a very poor quality. As per her review, even the camera doesn’t provide a clear picture sometimes. She is not happy with it since its advertisement built a lot of hope around it and says that it is not worth the money.

Another customer, Karla Quinn, writes in her Petcube review that it is made of poor quality material. She complains that the system stopped working after a month’s use and stopped connecting after that altogether.

A Petcube review by Able Hall discloses that it has trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. The LED indicator blinked with yellow light and there was no information available on the app about what it meant. Later, he had to check the manual and figured that there was a connection failure. He further states in his review that he managed to get it connected to the system but had no video output. He also tried to reboot and restart his phone and tablet but to no avail. He calls it a total waste of time and money.

Raymond Baker’s review reveals that Petcube has a terrible sound that echoes and has a huge delay in reception too. The camera is decent but has high sensitivity that cannot be adjusted. The app keeps providing notifications whenever the camera goes into a sleep mode too.

One other Petcube review by Otis Wheeler suggests that there should be some mechanism to recognize that the pet owner is home so that the system can stop recording and taking video. His review also suggests that he faced similar issues to that of other users regarding connectivity of the camera.

As per Clifford Burn’s review, the system kept crashing constantly and the quality of everything associated with the device seemed to be poor. The camera’s video quality is not great and it lags most of the time. He also asserts that there is a lack of some important features that might have saved the device but is a more of a scam now.

A review of Petcube by Sara Moss reveals that setting it up is not as easy as she thought. It required activation via pressing into a little hole on the bottom and get the process started. She also states that the laser pointer doesn’t seem to work correctly.

Tara Mathis finds Petcube limited due to the lack of a feature that allows viewing the video on a PC. Also, she would have preferred it if the system supported multiple cameras. She found the app to be frustrating and suggests not to waste money on it.

Another Petcube customer, Matthew Patrick, calls the system overrated in his review. He says that the app also doesn’t control everything properly. His system stopped working after two minutes of video feed and failed to connect again. In his review, he recommends against purchasing this system.



Jan Martin, a Furbo customer, writes in her review that she started having connectivity issues right after its latest update. Her review mentions that the system’s video quality is very poor and that the asking price is way too high for such output. She further complains in the review that the treat got stuck inside Furbo and failed to dispense. Its audio also doesn’t offer simultaneous two-way talk and the angle doesn’t capture enough of her place to really keep an eye on her pet.

A review by Randy Taylor reveals that Furbo kept failing to connect with his phone app unless he was using the same Wi-Fi inside the house. He was also concerned that the treat shooter shoots about 4 to 5 treats every time it dispenses and that seems to be a bit excessive.

A Furbo review by Rudy Lamb claims that the system is terribly designed and fails to perform anything correctly. His camera failed to turn on and there was no light notification to display the same. There is no facility to record, rewind or save it on iCloud or an SD card.

Hubert Graves exposes in his review that Furbo makes a loud noise and lights up brightly. Such an action scares his dogs instead of engaging them for the treat. He also states that the system failed to help his dog and him with separation anxiety.

As per Christy Rowe’s review, its treat dispenser doesn’t work well. She reveals that Furbo has a Bluetooth and doesn’t work wirelessly if she actually leaves the house and wishes to check on the pets from work or while traveling.

Kelli Colon says that her dog is afraid of the loud sound that Furbo makes. She calls its interface weak and further adds in her review that the plastic disc fell out after initial days. According to her review, it doesn’t seem that Furbo is made from high-quality or well tested. She suggests staying away from it and save money for a better device.

A pet owner, Emily Scott, shows disappointment with Furbo in her review. She discloses that the volume level on the device is pretty low and there is a delay in the signal. She found that there were compatibility issues with the app on an iPhone. Another issue she writes about in her Furbo review is that the food jams up occasionally and even though it’s an easy fix, it’s not right for the price paid.

Ricky Parks warns other users about using Furbo. In his review, he says that the app uses a lot of data without giving any warning. It is better to opt for the options in the settings that allow HD videos only while using Wi-Fi. He asks other users to be cautious since his app had once over used about 2 GB of data.



According to Stanley Santiago’s review, Pawbo is not worth the money. He attempted to connect to the camera multiple times but failed to receive any signal out of it. The video quality of the device is also pretty poor and as per him the laser game is not worth it as pets get bored of it quickly.

Lionel Love’s review suggests similar issues with Pawbo. He writes that the system comes with limited features that are actually pointless in the first place. Such a lack of feature makes him regret his decision to purchase it.

A Pawbo review by Earl Abbot states that the reception on the app is terrible outside home. Also, the camera’s field of view and quality doesn’t match up to the standards expected out of it.

For Clara Cummings, Pawbo worked only once out of 20 attempts. In her review, she writes that she is highly disappointed by such connectivity issues. The time when it gets connected she found that the video quality is poor and its microphone failed to function.

Felicia Carroll, a Pawbo customer who reviewed it, discloses that it is more of a cat friendly device than for dogs. The dogs didn’t respond to any kind of sound that it would make even though the same sound coming from a TV would grab their attention.

Another review of Pawbo by Pat Ruiz asserts that the microphone barely worked. He could hear himself on the other end of the camera while talking but it worked once in multiple tries that made the whole function frustrating.

Clay Norton shows concern regarding the quality of the device in his review. According to him, the treats dropped from Pawbo. He also noticed that the app requires an update since uploading on Google drive completely failed. Another drawback that he mentions in his Pawbo review is that users can record a video only while using the app.

One customer named Mable Hudson states in her review that Pawbo has a limited mobility and range. Plus, she found that the picture quality was not as good as its claims.

Violet James, another Pawbo customer, asserts in her review that it requires continuous Wi-Fi connectivity and despite that, it might take time to connect the video feed to the phone’s app. She says that the video was clipped into half a screen while receiving on an iPhone. It required re-launching the app to correct this issue.



Kristi Patton, a Petzi customer, exposes in her review that she failed to get a clear reception of the videos while watching her puppy. The video quality broadcasted on her mobile phone was blurry or sometimes the screen went off and turned green. She says in her review that Petzi didn’t work as per her expectations.

Another review by Nicole Cole states that she had to unplug Petzi because it kept turning on randomly and would send notifications on the phone without any reason. She tried to disconnect and reconnect it but it still behaved funnily.

On the other hand, Annie Morgan’s review shows more frustration as Petzi stopped working completely. She failed to connect the device again to her Wi-Fi. But her problem has more to do with the customer service reps that failed to provide any help with her Petzi whatsoever.

Edwin Malone warns in his Petzi review that its sound while turning it on can be a little difficult for pets that are a bit skittish. He also reveals that there are many communication errors that crop up with its phone app. For example, he noticed that it can’t be used with data on and then fails to connect with the system.

Another review of Petzi by Jim Casey claims that the installation and setup process can be daunting and frustrating. After installation, his review says that Petzi broadcasted bad quality video with lag in it. The treat dispenser is highly inconsistent and shoots about nothing to 6 treats in one go. Its night vision feature also doesn’t work correctly. All and all, Jim calls Petzi an expensive junk in his review.

April Haynes, a Petzi customer says that the audio works only one way but marketed to be two-ways. She isn’t sure what went wrong but says that such a feature would have been a major improvement.

One other customer, Hilda Holt’s review of Petzi states that the camera works well but functions only through their application. There is no way to access the camera online while using the laptop or computer. It would be perfect since it will allow users to keep an eye on the pets through the day.

Harry Fox complains that the videos from Petzi are delayed by a few seconds. Also, any interactive button that is pushed faces similar delay at the system’s end. According to his review, a little delay is considered fine but it is slower than he expected. And it has nothing to do with the connectivity since both networks he uses are super-fast.

A customer, Eva Allen, asserts in her Petzi review that the treat dispensing mechanism of the system requires some more work. Even though the system says that it can take treats up to 1 inch long, the dispensing mechanism doesn’t function well with it. According to the review, Petzi dispenses none or more than 4 treats at a given time. He also noticed treats sometimes getting stuck in it and wishes that there was a better mechanism to it.

Erma Wallace’s review of Petzi exposes that its lack of video recording feature in addition to the snapshot feature makes it a little less impressive. The social media feature is great but is hardly important because there are not many people who really use it to capture and upload images to these websites. As per his review, he suggests that Petzi should instead try getting a rewind option on the past videos apart from viewing what is currently happening.

Another Petzi review by Don Ward unravels the fact that there is a 3 to 4 seconds video lag and the audio is only one way. He complains that there is no way to take video clips with this system. The video quality is decent but its treat dispenser is loud and clunky. Such loudness can even startle skittish dogs or small pups and cause them to run away from the unit.

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