Off the Wall Mirror REVIEW

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What is Off the Wall Mirror?

It is a ring light 5x magnification mirror that features LED lights, swivels 360 degrees and can be secured to any smooth surface.

Off the Wall Mirror

For Seamless View and Unmatched Versatility

Off the Wall Mirror, as the name suggests, is a highly flexible mirror that isn’t mounted on the wall and gives you complete 360 degrees view of your image unlike traditional mirrors. This mirror actually rotates completely and with its 3 LED light settings, viz. white light for indoors, amber for day time use and blue for night lets you see details which, its creators guarantee, you otherwise simply cannot. All you have to do is stick Off the Wall Mirror on a plain surface which gets its suction base to secure it to any smooth surface while its extra-long gooseneck that bends to any angle facilitates unhindered viewing.

Truly Revolutionary and Smart

Off the Wall Mirror claims that it allows you to have an in-depth view so you can see exactly what you look like impeccably with no bending. Ordinary mirrors just reflect your image as it is but Off the Wall Mirror is useful for several purposes and tasks such as wearing contact lenses, wearing make-up, styling hair, shaving and many more.

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